10 Minute Workout With No Equipment Kill Full Body Fat

The 10 minute workout is the fastest and most efficient workout without a gym membership, weights, or any other specialized equipment. It’s thoughtfully designed for people too busy to exercise during the day and week. Get a stopwatch and start burning calories with WhichChoose in a matter of minutes!


10 Minute Workout – Overall


This 10 minute workout is unique in that it is designed for everyone—men, women, and children—who want to lose weight or tone up. If you’re a beginner, that’s not a problem! The same thing goes for those who consider themselves “experts.”

When performing the 10 minute workout, keep in mind that if you cannot complete it in time, you should continue the workout as it will progress with results.

  • 25 jumping jacks
  • 25 arm circles (forward & reverse)
  • 15 body squats
  • 15 crunches
  • 10 push-ups
  • 10 side leg raises
  • 1 minute plank exercise
  • 1 minute air bike

10 Minute Workout – Exercises “Breakdown”

10 Minute Workout – Exercises “Breakdown”

2.1. Jumping Jacks

This should be your first exercise of the 10 minute workout. It will pump your blood while increasing energy levels, alertness, and self-motivation. Moreover, it will increase your heart rate while providing a full-body workout.

Moving and targeting large muscle groups will make you feel exhausted and short-breathing, but deep breathing will engage your core muscles to start burning fat around your abdominal area. So remember to perform jumping jacks right at the beginning of your 10 minute workout to get your heart rate prepared and elevated.

2.2. Arm Circles

Want to tone up your arms? Focus a little more on your shoulder muscles. Working out your shoulders can give a toning definition to your biceps and triceps. Even if you work out your arms, they (biceps and triceps) will still look “flabby” unless you give them definitions by the shoulders.

This exercise is great for toning up your shoulders and improving the appearance of your arms. It will increase your heart rate, help burn calories, and target fat.

2.3. Body Squats

Squats provide many benefits for us, such as; improving joint flexibility on the ankles, hips, lower back, and knees within just a single motion. Squats can also strengthen your core muscles and burn abdominal fat, but those are secondary benefits, with the primary benefit being on your legs and glutes (butt muscles).

Squats will help tighten up and lift the butt while toning up your legs. It will burn fat from your legs and buttocks but also give you quality lean muscle so you can still have that “full” look that most women are after.

2.4. Crunches

Crunches are an all-time favorite abdominal exercise. No weights or machines are needed for this exercise, and the best thing is it still works better than some other abdominal machine workouts. That’s because it’s simple and does what it’s supposed to do: target your oblique muscles.

Most people do crunches and see no results because they perform the exercise incorrectly. If you don’t do the exercise right, you could hurt yourself and waste all of your time.

Remember when you’re doing crunches to keep your chin and eyes towards the ceiling, back straight, and no jerking the neck on the way up.

2.5. Push Ups

Push-ups are a powerful chest exercise that engages your whole upper body, not just your chest. These exercises mostly target your chest muscles but also target muscles on your shoulders and triceps, as well as help define your back muscles.

Furthermore, they increase your upper body strength while burning calories and fat around your chest. Place your hands wide so it concentrates more on your chest muscles.

In a nutshell, push-ups are a great exercise for men and women, they will keep you in shape and increase your strength on all other exercises as well. Why do you think it is the military’s primary exercise up to this day?

2.6. Side Leg Raises

These workouts will burn fat and calories right off your hips and waistline. If you don’t want to feel a serious muscle burn on your hips, perform 10 side leg raises on each leg and see your appearance change in just a couple of weeks.

2.7. Plank and Air Bike

Finish off your 10 minute workout with an abdominal fat burner. Burn fat fast right off your stomach while your heart rate is still up. Excellent two-minute fat-burning exercises for toning your abdominal muscles—like the icing on the cake—these exercises are ideal for capping things off.

This 10 minute workout is ideal for those who don’t have an hour to devote to exercise every day but still want to maintain their health and fitness levels throughout the year. You should do the 10 minute workout every day to see the best results. Perfect for first-timers who want to get into fitness and improve their health but only have a little time to spare. Put these exercises from WhichChoose into your pocket and do them every day. Your desired weight comes in as soon as possible – we guarantee it!

10 Minute Workout With No Equipment Kill Full Body Fat
10 Minute Workout With No Equipment Kill Full Body Fat
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