Arm Workouts – Everything You Need To Know

Gaining muscle mass, whether in the arms or elsewhere, requires a diet high in protein, calories, minerals, and the right carbs. In addition to eating well, you need to do targeted arm workouts every day to build bigger, stronger, and more muscular arms. That’s all WhichChoose intends to cover in this post to help you strengthen this muscle group properly.


Arm Workouts / Arm Exercises

Arm Workouts / Arm Exercises

Setting up your workouts can sometimes be challenging, especially if you’re unsure where to start.

You can increase the size of your biceps, triceps, and forearms if you avoid cable exercises and machines at your gym.

Your arm workouts shouldn’t take longer than 30 to 40 minutes to finish. Anything longer than that, and you are overtraining your muscles and breaking down muscle fiber more than needed, causing the muscle to heal and grow more slowly, which can actually slow down your gains.

When choosing your arm exercises, make sure they’re performed with dumbbells or barbells for the best muscle growth results. Using cables and machines to do arm exercises or arm workouts won’t give you the same results because fewer muscles will be activated and worked on. True strength comes from free weights.

Increasing muscle size, volume, and strength in your biceps, triceps, and forearms are all about the reps, techniques, and, of course, the weight being used.

It’s best to have three to four different arm exercises in your arm workouts. What does this mean?

Choose three to four arm exercises for your biceps, three to four for your triceps, and the same thing goes for your forearms.

Below there is a complete list of the best arm exercises and arm workouts put together for massive growth results!

Arm Workouts / Arm Exercises – Biceps

  1. Alternative dumbbell curls (4 sets x 10 repetitions)
  2. Straight barbell curls (4 sets x 8 repetitions)
  3. Hammer curls (4 sets x 10 repetitions)
  4. Wide-grip standing barbell curl (4 sets x 8 repetitions)

Arm Workouts / Arm Exercises – Triceps

  1. Decline EZ bar tricep extensions (4 sets x 12 repetitions)
  2. Dips (tricep version) (3 sets x 10 repetitions)
  3. EZ-bar skull crusher (4 sets x 8 repetitions)
  4. Dumbbell tricep extensions (4 sets x 10 repetitions)

Arm Workouts / Arm Exercises – Forearms

  1. Wrist curls/palms up (over a bench) (4 sets x 12 repetitions)
  2. Wrist curls/palms down (over a bench) (4 sets x 12 repetitions)
  3. Barbell behind the back wrist curl (3 sets x 12 repetitions)

Other Tips Combined With Arm Workouts

Other Tips Combined With Arm Workouts


You could also add supplements to increase muscle size and strength even more. You could look into creatine, protein, glutamine, BCAA’s, amino acids, and ZMA.

Another simple way to increase your strength and muscle size is by raising your natural testosterone levels. How? Try adding squats & deadlifts to your leg day’s workout journal.

Those two exercises are the kings of all when it comes to building solid muscle and increase testosterone and libido.


Your body will require a lot of protein every day in order to build solid, lean muscle. Protein is a must for building quality lean muscle. It is recommended that you consume 1-2 grams of protein per pound of body weight.

Make sure you have a protein shake first thing in the morning with your breakfast, one right after your workout within 25 minutes for best results, and another shake before bedtime.

It’s recommended three times per day at a minimum, and that’s not counting protein in each meal.

Have your whey protein in the morning and post-workout while having your casein protein before bed is recommended.

Lift Heavy

If you’re looking for some insane muscle gains, then you definitely can’t afford to skip this one. No matter how many times you go to the gym and how many reps you’re doing, let me tell you… you’re probably doing it wrong.

If you see no changes in the size of your biceps, triceps, or forearms, then you’re either working them out too often without letting them rest and fully repair/recover or just not hitting them heavy.

Lifting heavy with low reps; 6 will shock your muscles and damage them to the extreme. This is good! You will see huge dramatic gains and superior strength if you are ready to fuel them with protein, carbs, amino, and BCAAs right after your workout.

Don’t make the same mistake most are making. Don’t stick to the same weight over and over every time you go to the gym. Challenge yourself and increase it while having a spotter helping you. Make sure the sixth rep is the last one you can do at each set, with no room for the seventh.

If you can do more than 6 reps for each set, then it’s too light for you.


This is one of our favorites. Performing negative reps on each set is another way to target extra muscles that aren’t normally used while lifting normally. This results in extra room for growth!

After your third rep, start performing negatives by slowly returning to starting position each time by holding the weight in a controlled manner. Mostly a “pull” method for negative reps.

Increase Calories and Carbohydrates

You have to eat big to get big. Without any calories and carbohydrates, you’re getting nowhere. Just as a car needs fuel to be able to move, your muscles need fuel to continue growing and repairing.

Consume twice as many calories as you burn each day, and consume 2 grams of protein per body pound.

Free Weights

There’s a reason why every exercise that’s performed using a machine or cable machine is easier than doing the same exercise but using free weights, dumbbells, and barbells.

Using free weights will give you two times faster results, increase your strength, and massive muscle gains. The reason why free weights will give you better results overall is simple, more muscles are being used due to stabilizing the weight. This targets more muscles and makes them work even harder!

So it’s not about doing bicep workouts every day or doing a lot of reps. It is important to learn the right arm workouts and routines and to give your arms enough time to rest between sessions. Alright, that’s all WhichChoose wants to share with you all. We hope you get your desired curl as soon as possible.

Arm Workouts – Everything You Need To Know
Arm Workouts – Everything You Need To Know
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