Atlas VPN Reviews: Must Read Before Buying

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Finding the best VPN for your needs is difficult, especially when you are unsure about the features you get along with the price you pay. In this article, WhichChoose will show Atlas VPN review – one of the best VPNs of 2022, including the pros, cons, platforms support, and costs.

atlas vpn review
Atlas VPN Review

What Is Atlas VPN?

Atlas VPN is a great freemium VPN that you can easily use and have various extra features. This free version is one of the greatest free VPNs we have tested. It is secure, safe, and works with torrent clients. The premium version is faster and unblocks US Netflix. Atlas VPN is ideal for new users who want to bypass internet geo-blocks.


Atlas VPN Reviews: The Pros And Cons

Pros and Cons
  • This VPN works with US Netflix and other streaming sites.
  • The free VPN version does not require any payment details.
  • Its fast speeds use WireGuard.
  • This VPN allows P2P traffic on all servers.
  • Atlas VPN is one of the most reasonable VPNs available.
  • Atlas VPN free version does not work for streaming.
  • This VPN is a small server network.
  • These apps are lack customization and basic.
  • This VPN doesn’t have browser extensions.
  • This VPN is based in the USA (five eyes country).
  • The logging policy has not been audited.

Is Atlas VPN good? Yes, Atlas VPN is good because of its extra features and convenience.

Atlas VPN Reviews: The Pros And Cons
Atlas VPN Reviews: The Pros And Cons

Who Should Get Atlas VPN?

Atlas VPN Target Audiences

Here are audiences who should get Atlas VPN, as follows:

  • Users want a 100% free VPN. They can use Atlas VPN without going through any payment details. You just need to offer your email address.
  • People who have not used a VPN before. Atlas VPN is a basic service that is ideal for new users. It is easy to use even if you don’t have any experience.
  • Users want good value. The price of Atlas VPN’s paid-for subscriptions is very cheap. FastestVPN is the most affordable VPN available; this VPN is much lower quality than Atlas VPN.
  • Users want to connect to the internet from China. Atlas VPN is safe at bypassing China’s internet blocks. When connected to the VPN, users can access YouTube, Instagram, etc.
Atlas VPN Best Values
82% OFF. Only $1,99 per month.

What Platforms Does Atlas VPN Support?

Atlas VPN Platforms Support


The Android app of Atlas VPN’s been around much longer than its desktop, and it translates well into the user experience. Its mobile app has a much cleaner interface and does not come off as basic or cluttered.

For feature-wise Atlas Android app, the toggles are SafeBrowse and a system-wide kill switch. You can check if your emails appeared in data breaches with Data hack detection.



The only difference between Android and iOS is the name of the SafeBrowse feature. On iOS, it is called SafeBrowse Plus, while on Android, this feature is just SafeBrowse. Moreover, the sharing of usage statistics button has situated in another place. However, those are not really things that would marginally change your experience. In general, Atlas is a solid VPN application for iOS.


Windows And Mac

Atlas VPN for PC is familiar with the Android and iOS interfaces. Yet, the mobile apps have a friend referral selection that provides 7 days for free. Moreover, there is no difference between the Mac and Windows versions because the latter has a tendency to be watered-down on most VPNs.

You can connect to streaming-optimized, regular, and Privacy Pro servers. The latter are divided into SafeSwap and MultiHop+ types. By clicking Assistant on the left sidebar, you can toggle Threat Protection and Data Breach Monitor. The previous one blocks dangerous ads, websites, and trackers, while the latter checks for your data leaks. We firmly suggest having both of them on for the highest safety.

Under Settings, you will seek the protocol choice, kill switch, and connectivity selections. Auto-Connect switches on the VPN as soon as you release the app. In the meantime, Quick Connect allows you to customize the default area from fastest to nearest. Alternatively, it can be any particular country of your selection.


Is Atlas VPN Fast?

Atlas VPN Speed

AtlasVPN supplies fast speeds thanks to the quality server list and WireGuard tunneling protocol. Yet, it considerably relies on the distance between you and the nation you are connecting to. In general, Atlas VPN in the USA is quite fast. Additionally, download and upload speeds will not slow down much with Atlas VPN.

Atlas VPN Best Values
82% OFF. Only $1,99 per month.

Does Atlas VPN Permit Torrents?

Atlas VPN and Torrents

Yes, Atlas VPN allows torrents. Users’ download speed was approximately 4 to 6MB/s (32 to 48 Mbps). Thus, it took around 7 minutes to download a 2.7 GB file. Your results may differ because the speeds will be influenced by the same variables that make VPN speeds hard to pinpoint, leechers/seeders, and other nuances. You have to test the service yourself to know how it executes realistically.

Although VPN does not advertise this, torrenting works on the free version, and you don’t expect the speeds to be as quick.


Is Atlas VPN Safe?

Atlas VPN Privacy

Atlas VPN is one of the safest suppliers in 2022. Firstly, it uses military-grade encryption to hide all your traffic. Lastly, this VPN has a strict no-logs policy, implying no personal data is stored.

All Atlas VPN apps use safe tunneling protocols and have a kill switch. This makes a solid base for making sure online security and privacy; there are a few extra features for more safety.

Another safety feature namely Tracker Blocker, which blocks malicious domains used for malware distribution and phishing attacks. Moreover, it stops third-party ads and cookies. We recommend switching on the Data Breach Monitor to check if you have compromised your email account.

You can connect to the SafeSwap servers, rotating your IP address. This increases your anonymity without the need to reconnect. In addition, using SafeSwap will not affect the performance.

Atlas VPN also provides the MultiHop+ feature for VPN chaining in Europe and North America. Frequent multi-hop (Double VPN) involves running the traffic through two servers, effectively doubling the encryption. In this case, you will hide your online activities by rotating exit servers in various areas, which works better against censorship and surveillance.


How Much Does Atlas VPN Cost?

Atlas VPN Pricing
How Much Does Atlas VPN Cost
How Much Does Atlas VPN Cost

Here are the prices of Atlas VPN, as follows:

  • 1-month Atlas VPN: $10.99/ month.
  • 1-year Atlas VPN: $3.29/month.
  • 2-year Atlas VPN: $2.05/month.
  • 3-year Atlas VPN: $1.99/ month.
Atlas VPN Best Values
82% OFF. Only $1,99 per month.

Atlas VPN is worth purchasing if you seek a fast, simple, cheap VPN. It is very easy to use, and you can install them on various devices as you want. Moreover, Atlas is an ideal VPN for unblocking Netflix and other streaming platforms. Atlas has extra security features such as Privacy Pro servers, Tracker Blocker, and Data Breach Monitor. However, split tunneling just works on Android, and torrenting users may miss port forwarding. WhichChoose hopes you enjoyed our article about Atlas VPN reviews in 2022 before making an informed decision.

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