Bestow Life Insurance Reviews: Should You Buy This?

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As you know, the future can not be predicted, but it can be protected. So, life insurance is a wise choice for many, especially seniors. If you and your loved ones have special financial needs and aspirations, it is essential to investigate several life insurance solutions. At this time, Bestow is your best option. Some Bestow Life Insurance reviews we found on WhichChoose may help you make up your mind. Proceed with reading now.

Bestow Life Insurance Reviews
Bestow Life Insurance Reviews

About Bestow Life Insurance

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Bestow Life Insurance
Bestow Life Insurance
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People who may not have vast assets to leave a legacy for their family.

Bestow is a life insurance organization, launched in 2016 in Dallas, Texas, that offers individual term life insurance. Bestow is a qualified insurer representative, including North American Company for Life and Health Insurance.

It’s an online-only organization, so you can’t get direct-term life insurance via a broker or agent. Bestow doesn’t underwrite its policies but uses third-party underwriters (North American) to cover customers. So, underwriting isn’t as strict as a standard life insurance company. The company claims an individual can get a price and apply for coverage in five minutes.


Type Of Life Insurance Sold By Bestow

Life Insurance Types

Term life insurance is the only option for life coverage provided by Bestow. The policy’s beneficiaries will receive the death benefit if the insured passes away during the policy’s coverage period. Term life insurance provides guaranteed premiums for a predetermined period, typically ten years. Bestow does not offer a renewal option.

Type Of Life Insurance Sold By Bestow
Type Of Life Insurance Sold By Bestow

Coverage amounts from $50,000 up to $1.5 million are available under Bestow’s level life insurance policy, which may be purchased for 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 years.

Anyone between 18 and 60 who has never been convicted of a felony is eligible to apply. However, you cannot join Bestow’s insurance if you live in New York. Term life insurance plans purchased from the company are guaranteed for 30 days.

Age restrictions for each term are as follows:

  • 10-year term: Age from 18 to 60.
  • 15-year term: Age from 18 to 55.
  • 20-year term: Age from 18 to 50.
  • 25-year term: Ages 18–45 for nonsmokers. Tobacco users, women 18-39, and males 18-37 can apply.
  • 30-year term: For nonsmokers, women are 18–40, and men are 18–39. For smokers, women ages 18-31 and males ages 18-30 can apply.

Bestow Reviews: Pros And Cons

Pros & Cons

We cannot disregard the pros and cons of this service in these Bestow Life Insurance reviews. More information is available below:

  • The policy might be collateral for a small company loan.
  • 30-day trial period.
  • Maximum $1.5 million coverage age is 60.
  • 90% instant approbation.
  • No medical exam.
  • Simple online application.
  • Non-permanent life insurance.
  • No death benefit acceleration.
  • No permanent insurance.
  • No riders are available.
  • Renewals are not assured.
  • 60+ adults can’t get new policies.

How Much Does Bestow Life Insurance Cost?


Bestow’s term-life insurance premiums are cheap among rated companies. In general, the cost of insurance varies on age, health, gender, medical history, where you live, family health history, and hobbies. Your rates can be affected by your lifestyle and dangerous conduct. Moreover, the price depends on the duration and the coverage amount.

Therefore, if you want to determine how much the minimum you can spend on a 10-year term or other term life insurance policy from Bestow, please click the “Check Price” button.

Easy: No exam is required.
Speedy: Apply in 5 minutes.
Thrifty: Fast, straightforward, and reasonable.

Compare Bestow Life Insurance With Competitors

Bestow Compares With Other Competitors

The table below is everything to compare Bestow Life Insurance to its competitors in many terms and services:

CompanyTerm LifeNo medical examUniversal LifeWhole LifeSurvivorship
Banner LifeYesYes
Mutual of OmahaYesYesYesYes
Guardian LifeYesYesYes
State FarmYesYesYesYes
Haven LifeYesYes
New York LifeYesYesYes
Northwestern MutualYesYesYes
Lincoln FinancialYesYesYes
John HancockYesYesYes

After the details above, Bestow only offers Term Life insurance to its customers. However, you do not need to take a medical exam in the approval process.


Bestow Life Insurance Reviews From Real Customers

Customers Reviews

One way to boost the Bestow Insurance reviews more trustworthy is to all thoughts from their customers. Here are some of the latest reviews:

5Expert Score

Excellent Experience! Bestow provided me with excellent service. After doing some comparison shopping, I was thrilled to find that Bestow had discovered coverage that met my needs precisely and saved me money. The online process was quick and simple. The folks I interacted with were friendly but not pushy with high-pressure sales tactics. Overall, I strongly suggest Bestow to anyone looking for term life insurance.

5Expert Score

Quick and simply online. I contacted it a few days later with some questions, and the guy I spoke with was very pleasant and helpful. There are no headaches, and you get what you paid for. I felt much better knowing my son was covered if something happened to me.

4Expert Score
Justin S.

Excellent, simple, and fast application procedure! In less than 10 minutes, I applied for and was accepted for a $1 million coverage. It connects directly to your credit card and is quite inexpensive! My wife joined two days later. Everybody looking for Life Insurance should come here!

5Expert Score

Bestow is incredible. This was the simplest life insurance application process I’ve ever encountered. I got a 20-year $500,000 term policy in place in minutes, with a monthly premium less expensive than the $100,000 policy I had previously. Bestow is an incredible platform that I cannot recommend highly enough.

4Expert Score

Simple, quick, and understandable. I’m attempting to break the generational plague of financial illiteracy. I intended to make tiny investments for my son and recognized that life insurance was an important step I was overlooking. The website made signing up simple and painless. I COULDN’T BELIEVE HOW SIMPLE IT WAS.

Bestow Life Insurance is a great option to explore if you want low-cost life insurance from a reputable organization. There is no need for a complicated medical test or lengthy application process. WhichChoose sincerely hopes this blog about Bestow Life Insurance reviews has helped provide a foundational understanding of this Life Insurance organization. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any more questions; we’re always here to help.

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