Betting Gods Review: Is It Legit?

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Tipsters are people who give tips and tricks to predict the winner of a sports competition. Interestingly enough, now there are platforms where they all come together and give paid tips to curious punters. Betting Gods is one of these platforms, but many people seem not to be sure if it is reliable. In this blog, WhichChoose will have a closer look at it.

betting gods review
Betting Gods Review
Betting Gods
Betting Gods
Offers daily betting advice regarding various popular sports.
Free registration at the start.
19 experienced tipsters/gurus.
Over 120,000 users.
$30 – $50 per month for tipster services

What is Betting Gods?

Betting Gods is a web-based platform gathering curated 19 tipsters who give paid tips and tricks for predicting winners in sports contests. They cover various sports, from horse racing and hockey to basketball.

There are over 120,000 users on Betting Gods at this moment, and they have made significant profits thanks to the predictions they gained from it. Punters seem to entrust the platform with a high rate of successful predictions.

Although you have to pay a service fee to receive professional tipsters’ tips, not all of them cost you money. There are some free tips available on Betting Gods, which are picked from those tip-giving experts.


How Does Betting Gods Work?

How Does It Work?
How Does Betting Gods Work?
How Does Betting Gods Work?

Betting Gods is fairly easy to use. But first, make sure that the platform offers your favorite sports or the ones that you’re betting for. There is always a good selection of tipsters for you to choose from. Each tipster is in charge of one sport for which they demonstrate the most excellent tips.

What are the kinds of Betting Gods predictions? The platform provides you with different tips on your bet. For instance, football tipsters will advise on the correct score, the first goalscorer odds, the under/over 2.5 goals, or even a worthy stake level for you.

There are not always successful predictions on the platform. However, it surely benefits you with tried-and-true tips that will help to maximize your profits in the long run. Additionally, you can find constant news and information about relevant betting and sports in general on the Betting Gods website here.


What Are The Pros And Cons Of Betting Gods?

Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of Betting Gods:

  • All tipsters were curated through a strict assessment process to be accepted to the platform, so they are professional.
  • The platform has a high rate of successful predictions, as claimed by users.
  • You’ll always get free tips for the next day’s betting in your mailbox.
  • All betting tips are based on actual experience, professional observations, and betting techniques.
  • There are no betting winnings from this platform but only tips.
  • You will need to have your own betting mindset to filter advice.
  • The tipsters’ profiles are not shown with sufficient information. 

Betting Gods Review: What To Expect?

The main idea of Betting Gods is to provide you with reliable sports betting tips from expert tipsters. Once you have learned how to work with your chosen tipsters, you’ll know that the best bets come from the best advice together with your critical thinking.

You should not expect the platform to give you comprehensive lessons like a book does because it is not a book. Instead, you should expect to learn trends, news, betting know-how, and easy tips to win.


Betting Gods Review: What Tipsters Do They Have?

What Tipsters Do They Have?
Betting Gods Review: What Tipsters Do They Have?
Betting Gods Review: What Tipsters Do They Have?

The Outside Edge

This tipster has over two years of presence on the platform and has achieved a profit of £6,000, which is pretty high for that time. Darren hosts this service where he shares valuable advice on horse racing bets. 

He usually sends several tips the night before a race and frequently more advice on the following early morning. It’s estimated that this tipster gives punters 98 tips monthly.


Quentin Franks Racing

Quentin is the best tipster so far. He has joined the platform for seven years and gained complete trust among various horse racing punters. His total profit of about £18,000 speaks to everything about this man.

He regularly sends tips out from 9 am to 10 am daily. And you can expect approximately 90 tips per month from Quentin Franks Racing. 


Golf Betting Expert

This tipster makes £306 a month and will need some patience from you since it involves betting at odds up to 200/1. And the place odds will be lower because the bets are all E/W. According to Betting Gods, its strike rate is not higher than 9% at this moment.


Who Is Suitable For Betting Gods?

Who Is Suitable?

In fact, Betting Gods is created as a community rather than a common platform. If you’re really investing in bets, it is an excellent place for you to join and find opportunities to increase profits. If you just love the feeling of verifying predictions in sports contests, it can pique your interest too.


Betting Gods Review: Easy To Use?

Betting Gods Review: Easy To Use?
Betting Gods Review: Easy To Use?

Betting Gods is not challenging to use. You don’t have to be an enthusiastic punter to join this platform. It’s free from the moment you register, which is about filling out a form. Get started from there, and free tips will pour in daily.

If you desire a tipster service, you have to pay for it. Daily advice from professionals will then arrive, and you will decide whether or not to depend on that.


How Much Does Betting Gods Cost?


The price for Betting Gods is pretty high, but it does not matter for most punters for its value. Its tipster services cost from around $30 to $50 monthly. If you opt for a quarter subscription, the cost can fall between $70 and $110. 

Note that these prices vary among the different tipsters because of their experience levels and how many selections they offer. Additionally, you must sign up for each service separately on Betting Gods.


Is Betting Gods A Legit?

Is It Legit?

The idea of Betting Gods is all about giving punters smart tips for their bets, so it’s completely legit. Also, the impressive track record of its tipsters makes it a real deal.

However, there is no guarantee that you will win any bets using these similar services. It’s made only to increase your chances of winning.

Now let’s head to the Betting Gods reviews from real customers on TrustPilot.


Betting Gods Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
5Expert Score
Callan Gonzales

Been with the VIP club for a few weeks now and have to say it’s well worth it to access all Betting Gods’ tipsters.

4Expert Score
Dicky Thomas

I subscribe to “The Winning Trap” for greyhound tips. I made £344.92 profit in May and so far am £296.87 up this month (as of 15 June), so I’m delighted. I highly recommend it!

5Expert Score

I have followed two tipsters for the last year from this site. The interaction with the business in terms of communication and payments was spot on. The two tipsters, Quentin Franks and Outside Edge were reliable and, perhaps more importantly, profitable. A good experience in an area where the opposite is usually the case.

4Expert Score
Alan Beckerton

The Outside Edge is an excellent service. As with all services, there are sometimes long periods where the results are not good, pedestrian almost, but he manages to keep overcoming these lulls by further increasing the bank time after time.

5Expert Score
Zaka Gibbard

I follow two horse racing tipsters from Betting Gods. While horse racing is notoriously difficult to predict, the information received is excellent and well-researched. The good news is that I am currently in profit after around six weeks of betting.


Betting Gods Review Conclusion

In a nutshell, Betting Gods is the real platform for punters who are looking for good tipsters to guide them through sports bets. It’s easy to use and noteworthy for its productive team of expert tipsters. WhichChoose highly recommends it to anyone, regardless of how much they have engaged in this industry.

Betting Gods Best Values
Offers daily betting advice regarding various popular sports.
Free registration at the start.
19 experienced tipsters/gurus.
Over 120,000 users.
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