ColonBroom Program Reviews: Is It The Best Weight Loss Solution?

The ColonBroom Program offers a dependable weight loss solution that is both safe and effective for long-term gut health improvements. It comprises a fiber-rich supplement, a comprehensive diet guide, a workout plan, and an accompanying app to monitor your progress. This program is tailored to suit anyone who is looking for sustainable weight loss and improved gut health.

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If you’re experiencing discomfort during bowel movements or seeking ways to enhance your gut health and shed excess weight, the ColonBroom Program could be a suitable solution. In this article, WhichChoose will provide an overview of the ColonBroom supplement, which is the key ingredient in the program. We’ll delve into its ingredients, benefits, drawbacks, and address some common questions about the supplement.

ColonBroom Reviews
ColonBroom Reviews

About ColonBroom

About Product
Features of product
Key ingredients
Health benefits
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Features of product
Non-GMO ingredients.
Key ingredients
Psyllium Husk Powder.
Citric Acid.
Sea Salt.
Stevia Leaf Extract.
Crystallized Lemon.
Health benefits
Mood improvement.
Boost metabolism rate.
Promote weight loss.
General wellness of the gut health.
Decrease blood sugar levels.
Boost probiotic growth.

First, we will introduce an overview of the ColonBroom supplement. ColonBroom is a colon cleanser made from natural and organic ingredients. It is a powerful product that betters digestive health, reduces bowel issues and constipation. Moreover, this supplement brings long-term and additional health benefits[1], like increasing metabolic rates, reducing blood sugar, decreasing insulin levels, and bettering gut health.

According to customers’ reviews, ColonBroom is gentle for consumers with allergic reactions. This product can also be used while you are in intermittent fasting.

Before purchasing ColonBroom, their company policy asks you to fill in a quick digital questionnaire depending on your medical history. Data collection aims to personalize your medical experience and offer customized medical services. It’s fast and free.


What is ColonBroom?

Next, we will dig deeper into the ColonBroom supplement.

ColonBroom is a natural dietary product that helps better gut health[2], reduce constipation, and promote weight drop. It also removes toxins and supports normal bowel movements. The ColonBroom supplement is highly well-known as it is vegan friendly, gluten-free, and has positive reviews and testimonials.

Besides, ColonBroom is a bulk-creating laxative that absorbs water in the colon, thus increasing gut health. Better gut health means that the digestive system can effectively reduce constipation, address bloating, and speed up the colon’s probiotic activity.

What Is ColonBroom
What Is ColonBroom

ColonBroom: Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons

We will provide pros and cons to help you get the main information of ColonBroom:

  • It is vegan-friendly and made with non-GMO ingredients.
  • This product promotes weight drop and probiotic growth.
  • It betters overall digestive health.
  • It reduces bloating and constipation.
  • It’s made in an FDA-registered facility.
  • It is only available on ColonBroom’s official website.
  • Users may experience bloating on the first day of use.
  • This supplement does not have third-party testing.
  • Some geographical regions may not be catered for.
  • This product doesn’t cater to all allergies.

Does ColonBroom Actually Work For Weight Loss?

Does ColonBroom Work?

Yep, ColonBroom works for weight drop. It’s a powerful dietary product primarily created to attack the main cause of normal bowel movement irregularity that may help gain a healthier gut.

ColonBroom also aids in improving digestive health, lowering constipation, and healing bowel pain. It can provide prominent weight drop effects when combined with other supplements. If you desire to drop weight or fight serious constipation, ColonBroom is the perfect option.

ColonBroom Up To 65% OFF
Support weight loss.
Reduce bloating.
Relieve constipation

ColonBroom Ingredients


ColonBroom weight loss supplement is made from essential minerals, bulk-forming laxatives, and dietary fibers. It uses all-natural and high-quality ingredients that are non-GMO, vegan-friendly and gluten-free.

Colon Broom Ingredients
ColonBroom Ingredients

The main ingredient of the ColonBroom supplement is Psyllium Husk powder, a powerful vital fiber. Other ingredients contain carbohydrates such as soluble and dietary fibers, potassium, sodium, calories, and calcium. Each container includes 60 servings, with each scoop consisting of about 5.7g. Each scoop of ColonBroom includes:

  • Calcium: 1mg.
  • Dietary fibers: 3g.
  • Sodium: 60 mg.
  • Calories: 20 mg.
  • Soluble fibers: 2g.
  • Carbohydrates: 4g.

Psyllium husk is mainly a soluble fiber with a small amount of insoluble fiber. Other ingredients in ColonBroom consist of sea salt, rice hulls, vegetable, fruit juice, natural flavoring, citric acid, and crystallized stevia salt.

Here is some main information on ColonBroom ingredients, including:

  • Psyllium Husk Powder promotes weight drop by acting as a craving suppressant and reduces constipation. It also increases the body’s immunity[3] by controlling the body’s microbiome.
  • Citric Acid: This ingredient is a less natural acid that helps nutrient digestion and mineral absorption[4]. Frequent consumption of organic acids can lead intestinal walls to thicken. Citric acid also helps regulate cholesterol and triglyceride levels[5].
  • Stevia Leaf Extract: This ingredient is a natural sweetener that is a natural substitute for synthetic ingredients. It helps lower blood pressure and blood sugar[6]. Stevia leaf extract also promotes weight drop because it contains few calories.
  • Sea Salt: This ingredient is a laxative and helps cleanse the colon. It also reduces constipation and detoxifies the body. This ingredient betters gut health, controls blood sugar, and enhances skin health.
  • Crystallized Lemon: This ingredient decreases excess fat, prevents kidney stones[7] and controls cholesterol levels. It also aids the digestive system in working better.

ColonBroom Real Reviews

Customers Reviews

Many customers have used and give positive feedbacks about ColonBroom. We list some customers’ reviews from Amazon below for you to refer to before purchasing this product:

5Expert Score
Roy Nilsen

This is the first time I have written my review on the supplement; however, my experience is worth sharing. I really love ColonBroom. This product tastes great and really works well. I don’t usually eat enough fiber in my diet and get constipated and bloated easily.
Moreover, I got diverticulitis some years ago and had to stay away from some foods, especially popcorn. I have been using the ColonBroom supplement for about one year, reducing my diverticulitis symptoms. I can enjoy popcorn again without worries. It takes approximately a week to get used to it. I usually use one and ¼ scoop once daily after dinner. Every morning, I have an excellent bathroom experience and feel great.

5Expert Score
Anna Hillson

I am not the only person for reviews; however, ColonBroom really works for me. After OTC products and countless prescriptions, I finally found a product that does what it claims to do. I highly recommend you try this supplement. I mix it with Gatorade zero and Mio flavor to change its flavor up. It would be best if you had a good blender bottle to mix it. I recommend you use from 8 to 10 oz with the mix and another 12 oz water after.

5Expert Score
Monica Escalante

I’ve purchased this product about 2 times. I used to weigh 185lbs, and now I am 162lbs. Taking this supplement has aided me in losing weight. Remember that I also do minimal exercise and am on a calorie deficit of 1500 calories. Although its taste is good, you have to shake it more and drink it quickly, or it’ll get thick. To sum up, ColonBroom aids me with bloating a lot! I highly recommend this supplement!

5Expert Score
Koeppen Family

After having my children, I have painful bloating and long bouts of irregularity. I have used 4 doses of ColonBroom supplement (1 dose for the first day, 2 doses for yesterday and 1 dose for today).
Yesterday I felt uncomfortable, especially in the evening. Today, I’ve had two comfortable BMs and released a lot of waste. I feel lighter and look forward to the full benefits of this supplement. I wish ColonBroom were affordable; however, it keeps me feeling good, and this product is worth my money!

5Expert Score
Carrie Adams

ColonBroom gives the best results if you keep using it for a few days. This supplement tastes very good; however, it is expensive compared to other brands. It is worth the experiment if you experience chronic GI issues.

5Expert Score

I felt happy with this purchase. I like the taste and see a difference in my waistline, even though I have not yet completed my 1st bottle!

5Expert Score
Albert J.

I have purchased many fiber products over the years, and ColonBroom is my favorite. It has a great flavor, and is not heavy in sugar or calorie intake. I continuously buy this product again from its official website! I notice it really works.

5Expert Score
Julie K Monroe

I have diverticulitis, and my colon surgeon recommended ColonBroom. After using this supplement, I highly recommend it!

5Expert Score

ColonBroom tastes good, and I noticed a significant improvement with lowered bloating, sustained craving control, and better digestion after the first day. This supplement is exactly what I’ve been looking for!

4Expert Score

I am a person who prefers using natural products to enhance health. ColonBroom tastes super great. It reminds me of popsicles my mother made in childhood. I use this supplement daily and feel comfortable and lighter.


Health Benefits Of ColonBroom

Health Benefits
Health Benefits Of ColonBroom Program
Health Benefits Of ColonBroom Program

Let’s look at the benefits of the ColonBroom supplement below:

  • Promote weight drop: The psyllium husk powder in the supplement is a fiber that helps absorb fat slowly and drop weight if combined with a dietary intervention. It may prevent fat absorption and increase a sense of satiety after having a meal, thus preventing overeating and controlling cravings. As the fiber in this supplement creates a healthy gut bacteria environment, it builds a good foundation for anyone who wants to start a weight drop journey.
  • Mood improvement: Constipation can make irregular bowel movements, which may stress the vagus nerve, stimulating the vasovagal syncope[8]. When your body experiences a stress reaction because of the vagus nerve stimulation, it can reduce the blood pressure, and you’ll feel a bit lighter. Though you may faint when over-triggered by your body’s stress of bowel movement irregularity.
  • Overall wellness of the gut health: Psyllium in ColonBroom aids in supporting the growth and maintenance of bacteria[9]. The bacteria related to short-chain fatty acid creation are necessary to increase the immunity system and strengthen intestinal walls.
  • Increases metabolism rate: ColonBroom has powerful ingredients with properties that increase the metabolism process. They better blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels decrease.
  • Increasing probiotic growth: This supplement includes many probiotic attributes that increase the health of probiotic growth in the digestive system. It also contains citric acid, which helps strengthen and thicken the intestinal barrier.
  • Lower blood sugar levels: Psyllium husk powder contains properties that help insulin and blood sugar levels. This ingredient lowers food digestion, thus, controlling blood sugar levels.

You can get the ColonBroom Program (the supplement, a diet guide, a workout plan, and an app) with free shipping and a 14-day money-back warranty.


Potential Side Effects Of The ColonBroom Supplement

There are no serious risks related to the ColonBroom supplement. Yet, some users have reported facing bloating after some days of taking this product.

If you suffer from this symptom, you need to talk to a medical professional. Besides bloating, no reported or experienced serious side effects of taking ColonBroom.

Taking enough fluid when taking ColonBroom is essential for more effective and better results. Moreover, this will prevent constipation or acid reflux from the high fiber content in ColonBroom. Pregnant women, lactating females, and those looking to conceive should consult doctors before using ColonBroom.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy ColonBroom?

You can purchase the ColonBroom Program (the supplement, a diet guide, a workout plan, and the ColonBroom app) on its official website.

Is ColonBroom safe & legit?

Yep, ColonBroom is safe and legit. This supplement is highly reputable because it’s vegan-friendly and gluten-free, and this has many positive reviews and testimonials.
ColonBroom’s ingredients’ benefits include elevating metabolic rates, decreasing blood sugar, and increasing metabolic health. Moreover, it is widely used and available on many online retailers.

Can I take ColonBroom before and after pictures?

Results of using the ColonBroom Program before and after weight loss are significantly different. This supplement, combined with dietary interventions provided in the additional steps of the program, may help you achieve your body goal. The program is designed to improve your gut health and makes you feel clean and light. In addition, this product is made from gut-friendly ingredients; therefore, it is suitable for anyone.

How does ColonBroom help?

The psyllium husk fiber in ColonBroom aids with constipation and diarrhea, and it works well. This fiber-based supplement comes in the form of a powder that you can mix with water to make a beverage.

How much does ColonBroom cost?

Here are the costs of ColonBroom, as follows:
1 Bottle: $64.99 per bottle + Free Diet Guide, Workout Plan, and the ColonBroom App + Free Shipping.
3 Bottles: $35.99 per bottle + Free Diet Guide, Workout Plan, and the ColonBroom App + Free Shipping.
6 Bottles: $27.99 per bottle + Free Diet Guide, Workout Plan, and the ColonBroom App + Free Shipping.

What is ColonBroom customer service?

Here is some information you can contact ColonBroom:
Company: Gut Health UAB.
Company code: 305420438.
Address: Antakalnio str. 17, LT-10312 Vilnius, Lithuania.
Address of registration: Krivių 5, LT-01204 Vilnius. Lithuania.
Phone: +1 (888) 841-4777 (in English)

How long does it take the ColonBroom to work?

You may feel changes in your bowel movements from 24 to 72 hours after using ColonBroom.

In conclusion, ColonBroom may aids in enhancing general digestive health. The ingredients in this product might help you feel better and lighter and assist in bowel movements and digestion. In addition, it is safe for those with food allergies or lactose intolerance. To ensure ColonBroom is suitable for you, you should consult your doctor in advance. WhichChoose hopes you find the helpful information we bring to you in this article.


WhichChoose has strict procurement guidelines and depends on medical associations, peer-reviewed studies, academic research institutes. Tertiary references are avoided. Please see our editorial policy for more information on how we make sure our content is accurate and up-to-date.

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