Drinking Water To Lose Weight With 6 Tips

You should know some tips on drinking water to lose weight effectively: drink warm water, drink water before meals, eat foods containing high water, etc.

When it comes to weight loss, you might think about working out, sleeping well, having healthy food, and reducing stress. Drinking lots of water may not be on the list; however, it should be! Let’s read this post with WhichChoose for 6 tips on drinking water to lose weight.


Drinking water to lose weight, is that true?

Facts About Drinking Water To Lose Weight

Yep, that’s true. Drinking a lot of water daily is recommended to stay healthy and keep your body’s performance at its peak. Besides, it also helps you lose weight.

Water is essential for our body’s organs to function flexibly and keep us alive, and drinking water helps speed up your weight loss process.

Some studies have shown that if you drink approximately 17-24 ounces of water, your metabolic rates will increase by 30% for males and females. The 30% increase in metabolic rates will come within ten minutes after water consumption.

No matter how much effort you put into your workouts, it’s all going to waste if you enjoy drinking sodas and energy drinks filled with sugar and high calories. Therefore, replacing them with water will burn calories and boost your body’s fat-burning metabolism.

Moreover, drinking water also helps suppress your appetite and reduce the calories you eat by making you feel full.


Drinking Water To Lose Weight With Some Tips

Tips On Drinking Water To Lose Weight

2.1. Drink Water Throughout Your Day

Drinking water throughout your day is recommended to feel fuller, suppressing your appetite for those high-calorie snacks. Whenever you feel hungry, it’s best to have a full glass of water, sometimes, that’s all your body needs, and it can take your hunger right away!

2.2. Drink Water Before Meals

Studies have shown that drinking a glass of water before meals helps you consume much fewer calories. Some reports have shown that those who drink a full glass before and after a meal saw a significant improvement in their weight loss numbers and speed.

2.3. Switch From Sweetened Drinks To Water

You must avoid drinking alcohol, sodas, and energy drinks. These beverages taste good but will add up to unwanted calories and fat deposits. Changing sweetened drinks and sodas will cut off many calories, increase metabolism, and reduce appetite.

2.4. Drink Warm Water

Drinking water to lose weight does work, but switching from cold water to warm water can boost your body’s metabolism. Effects usually begin within ten minutes after water consumption and peak 30 to 40 minutes after.

2.5. Drink Water Infused With Vegetables And Fruits

You can add some fruits or vegetables to infuse in your water, like mint leaves, cucumbers, strawberries, melons, apples, pineapples, etc. Moreover, you should consider purchasing glasses with lids like tumblers or mason jars with attached straws. You can make water, fruits, and vegetables at once and store them in your fridge.

Fruits and vegetables should be as fresh as possible. If they start to age, throw them away and buy new ones.

2.6. Eat Food With High Water Content In Your Meals

When you eat, find foods that contain high water; vegetables and fruits are great options, such as peaches, tomatoes, watermelon, cauliflower, broccoli, etc. If you must have meat in meals, choose lean meats like turkey or chicken instead of pork or red meat.

Besides, you can combine a water diet and a calorie-restricted. Drinking 16 ounces of water before meals and reducing daily calorie intake (1500 for males and 1200 for females) can jumpstart weight drop and assist dieters in keeping weight drop for up to a year.

As known, water is essential to your overall health, and we genuinely need it to survive. Besides, drinking water can help you gain weight loss goals by minimizing your calorie intake or accelerating your metabolism. With the knowledge above, WhichChoose hopes you use 6 tips on drinking water to lose weight effectively.

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