HauSafe Cam HD Reviews: Is It Legit?

Overall, we believe HauSafe Cam HD is a worthwhile option among its alternatives. Apart from the common features of a typical home security camera, it provides users with an outstanding alarm, high-quality footage, powerful led light, and compactness.

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Today’s technology tends to offer more than what it’s worth. When it comes to home security, homeowners have a lot of options to look at. Suppose you are looking for a well-designed, easy-to-use, high-definition home security camera, HauSafe Cam HD can be your top choice. Thus, WhichChoose has done this review about its features, pros and cons, pricing, and more for your buying endeavor. Find out if it’s worth it!

HauSafe Cam HD Reviews
HauSafe Cam HD Reviews

About HauSafe Cam HD


HauSafe Cam HD is a wireless security camera to protect your home from intruders while saving your budget. It’s paired with an app on your smartphone, allowing you to monitor your home in real time from anywhere at any time.

With its ultra-sharp 1080P lens, 360-degree rotation, night vision, alarms, and other features, it can serve as an ideal security guard while you are away. Surprisingly, it’s not just a camera; it also functions as a light bulb, illuminating any spots in your home in a panoramic view.

highlight features
HauSafe Cam HD
HauSafe Cam HD
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highlight features
Ultra-sharp 1080P lens.
Powerful alarm.
360° rotating camera.
Serves as a lightbulb.
Portable and no batteries are needed.
Available 64 GB SD card.
Optional warranties within either one year or two years.
Free shipping.
Paired with a smartphone app that can be used on multiple devices.
Works both outdoors and indoors.

How To Use It?

How to use it?

Operating HauSafe Cam HD is just a breeze. First, you need to download the YCC365 Plus app on your smartphone because that will enable your manipulation of the camera. Second, install the HauSafe Cam HD into a lightbulb holder in a place you want to create the view. Lastly, adjust the viewing angles of the camera via the app and get ready to receive alerts through your phone.

Each HauSafe security camera comes with a 64GB memory card, which provides enough space to save footage within the last 24 hours of monitoring. Besides, it can be used both indoors and outdoors; however, placing it under the rain is not recommended.

How To Use It?
How To Use It?

The Main Features Of HauSafe Cam HD

Main Features

HauSafe provides features that make it the least cumbersome security camera on the market. We are breaking them down below.

  • Because it also serves as a lightbulb, you find it extremely easy to install, provided you have a lightbulb holder in your home.
  • You can carry a wireless surveillance camera anywhere you want. If you plan to move into a new home, there’s no need for a professional hand to uninstall it.
  • It comes with no batteries; it works on electricity from the light socket.
  • The security camera app is compatible with both Android and IOS devices.
  • Its alarm is super loud; you can choose to activate it or not by pressing a button.
  • Its powerful LED bulb can illuminate any spots and nooks in your home, revealing the intruders in seconds.
  • The app can be used on multiple devices, which means all members of your family can monitor the home together.
  • It comes with a two-way audio function, allowing you to actually scare the intruders away.

The Pros And Cons Of HauSafe Cam HD

Pros and Cons

Overall, HauSafe Cam HD has many outstanding pros that obviously can outweigh the cons. We have collected them from the benefits of the product and various customer reviews. Let’s see what’s on the table for you.

  • High-quality footage.
  • Both daytime and night-time monitoring are available.
  • The two-way audio allows users to communicate with members who are at home quickly.
  • Set-up is easy and straightforward as installing a lightbulb.
  • Portable, wireless, compatible, and sleek
  • The panoramic infrared camera with powerful alarms.
  • Reasonable pricing.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • You can hardly find the product in offline stores. The only place for sales is its official website.
  • Because it borrows electricity from a light socket to work, you must maintain the electric power when you’re home away.
  • It is not a hidden camera, so you must be wise in setting it up.

HauSafe Cam HD Reviews From Customers

Customer Feedback

Overall, HauSafe Cam HD has received mostly positive reviews from its users. Let’s see what they actually say about it.

5Expert Score

The motion sensor picks up absolutely everything. I’m sure the video recordings would greatly assist the police with their investigation even if intruders did manage to break in.

5Expert Score

The camera is easy to install, works perfectly, and allows you to capture both images and video. The app gives you peace of mind when you’re on the move.

4Expert Score

I live alone and since I got the camera, I feel a lot safer. The quality of the images is superb and it detects even the smallest movement and follows you wherever you go.

5Expert Score

Top picture and sound quality. I love being able to keep an eye on things with the app.

5Expert Score

I bought one for my parents, and now I can keep an eye on them via the cell phone app. It’s great to be able to talk to them through a light bulb camera!

5Expert Score

We’re over the moon! It sends visual notifications to our cell phones if movement is detected, and the picture quality is great.


How Much Does HauSafe Cam HD Cost?

The Pricing

As compared with its alternatives, HauSafe Cam HD costs inexpensively for most homeowners. One device costs $49,95 for a single order plus free shipping. Additionally, if you buy bulk, you get more beneficial prices.

The company also offers some keenly-priced warrants to improve your order. You can choose to spend $9,95 for a two-year warranty or $5,95 for a one-year warranty. Besides, a 30-day refund guarantee does apply to any type of order.

Ultra-sharp 1080P lens
360° rotating panoramic infrared camera
Smartphone app for convenient monitoring
Free shipping

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is HauSafe Cam HD legit?

    Yes, it is legit. The company provides residential and business premises with effective security cameras. All orders are guaranteed a refund policy and optional warranties. Also, many have used HauSafe Cam HD and delivered positive feedback, especially in the United States.

  2. Does It Work Outdoors?

    Yes, it can work both outdoors and indoors. But as earlier said, don’t place it under the rain for a long time.

  3. How Long Is The Recording Time?

    HauSafe Cam HD can record footage for a maximum of 24 hours. In addition, it can come with an extra micro SD 64GB card.

In a nutshell, if you are looking for a convenient, high-quality, sleek security camera, WhichChoose recommends HauSafe Cam HD. Being away from home has never been a carefree job with such a product. Although two-way audio is not a new feature on the surveillance camera market, the way it serves as a compact lightbulb and a wireless home security camera truly set it apart from all competitors.

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