How Many Steps To Lose Weight In A Day? Tips For Walking

Walking is one of the simplest ways to get active because it requires no particular gear and is easy to do. So how many steps to lose weight in a day? You should walk 10.000 steps every day to gain your weight drop goal.

Walking is one of the easiest and most effective exercises that many people enjoy. It helps improve your health, shape your muscles, and lose weight. In this article, WhichChoose will unveil how many steps to lose weight in a day and tips for walking effectively.


How To Lose Weight By Walking?

How To Lose Weight By Walking?

Let’s make a simple calculation. If you walk at an average speed of 4 miles per hour, you will burn around 400 calories in only one hour. This means that instead of walking only 4 miles a day, you can walk 3 miles, which burns 300 more calories daily. As seen, it’s super easy to lose weight by walking.

You can walk shorter distances if you adapt it to your schedule. Moreover, you can buy a wristband or pedometer to monitor your daily exercise. This item increases the motivation that helps you achieve your results effectively.

The pedometer stands close to your hip area. It does not weigh so much and tells you how many steps you take daily. If you know how many miles you walk in one day, you will know the number of calories you need to burn.


How Many Steps To Lose Weight In A Day?

The Number Of Steps To Lose Weight In A Day

If you take up walking, you need 2000 steps in one mile to burn calories and lose weight. In one mile, you can burn 100 calories. The pedometer will check your steps, recording how many calories you burn or miles you walk in a day.

It’s said that you need to walk 10.000 steps daily to lose weight. However, walking 10.000 steps seems too many and quite challenging for beginners. Instead, you start slowly, lose less weight and increase the number of steps when getting used to it.

Here are some tips for starters to walk:

  • Avoid using the bus; you can walk to your home or work or get off the bus halfway to your destination.
  • Don’t park your car in the same place you usually park, move it somewhere far away and walk more.
  • You can walk to the station instead of taking a taxi or a bus.
  • Do not use the elevator; take the stairs.
  • Walk your children to their school.

How To Keep Walking Interesting?

How To Keep Walking Interesting?

If you follow the same track daily, it will become a very dull routine. You should often change the track and your habits. Walk in different places, such as parks, beaches, etc., or listen to the music you like; it will motivate you and give you more energy to finish what you already started.

During cold weather, you can walk on a treadmill while watching your favorite TV shows or movie. Additionally, you can invite your friends to join you on your walks. They may walk with you once or twice a week and inspire new things in your daily walking routine. Even if you have a will, avoid doing the same walking routine because it will make you feel bored some day.


How Often Should You Walk?

How Often Should You Walk?

Many people have less desire for walking because of their habits or routines. So, let’s focus your eyes 100 feet forward, hold your chin up, squeeze your glutes and tighten the abdomen in the same position if you want to walk for exercise. This will give you the best results from walking.

Before starting walking in the long term, consult your doctor. He will tell you if you are healthy enough to endure this activity. In the beginning, you should walk three days a week for 15 to 20 minutes. After that, increase the walking routine until you walk 30-60 minutes each day.

You’ll find out that it will help you lose weight without any diet and you’ll be very relaxed at the same time!

We conclude that you need to take 10.000 steps per day to reach your weight loss goals. However, the number of steps will vary based on height, weight, gender, and activity level. If you are ready to start a healthy life, let’s walk from now. WhichChoose hopes you enjoyed this article about how many steps to lose weight in a day.

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