Instaflex Advanced Reviews: Is It Safe & Legit?

Based on Instaflex Advanced reviews and our research, this supplement is the real deal. It's claimed by users and experts to alleviate joint discomfort, and increase mobility and flexibility.

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When we looked into the joint health supplement market, we were overwhelmed by how many options there were. Along the way, what piqued our attention were the Instaflex Advanced reviews. They inspired WhichChoose to research this joint/knee discomfort relief further. What makes it worth it? Is it really for anyone? If you’re planning to buy Instaflex Advanced, continue reading.

Instaflex Advanced Reviews
Instaflex Advanced Reviews

What is Instaflex Advanced?

About Product

Instaflex Advanced is glucosamine-free joint pain relief formulated by Dr. David Katz with premium ingredients. This supplement is formed in capsules and requires only one capsule daily for joint comfort starting in seven days.

What’s noteworthy about this product is that it’s free of glucosamine or chondroitin. Instead, the doctor adds high-quality ingredients, one of which is claimed to double the effectiveness of those chemicals. Also, with a well-designed formula, the product promotes fast relief from joint irritation and discomfort. Let’s see what Instaflex Advanced offers below.

Health Benefits
Instaflex Advanced
Instaflex Advanced
Get 14-Day Samples
Get A Sample
Key natural ingredients
Formulated by a doctor
No Glucosamine or Chondroitin
One capsule daily for extended joint relief
Health Benefits
Delivers joint relief in just one week
Improves joint/knee versatility and mobility

Instaflex Advanced Ingredients List

Ingredients List
Instaflex Advanced Ingredients List
Instaflex Advanced Ingredients List

Instaflex Advanced comes in a comprehensive formula that tested and approved. All ingredients included are science-backed to have high quality and efficacious potency to alleviate joint discomfort. We are breaking them down below.

  • AprèsFlex® is a clinically tested form of Boswellia serrata known for its joint-relieving properties. It has been used for thousands of years to relieve knee soreness.
  • Turmeric Extract has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • UC-II® serves as a joint therapy based on the form of undenatured type II collagen [1]. This substance, derived from the chicken sternum, triggers a response to better joint health.

The recommended dosage for Instaflex Advanced is one capsule per day. Drink plenty of water with the capsule to deliver the supplement powder well to the right bodily part.

Based on most Instaflex Advanced reviews and what the manufacturer claims, users can experience evident results in at least seven days of use. For the best results, joint health experts recommend consistently taking Instaflex Advanced for 30 – 90 days.


Is Instaflex Advanced Safe To Take?

Is It Safe?

At the moment, there are no reports of severe side effects or adverse reactions associated with Instaflex Advanced. However, you may want to consult with your doctor about the supplement if:

  • You are allergic to salicylates.
  • You are in special disease treatment.
  • You are pregnant.
  • You have had gastritis or any stomach-related issues before.
Is Instaflex Advanced Safe To Take?
Is Instaflex Advanced Safe To Take?

Instaflex Advanced: The Pricing


An Instalex Advanced joint relief bottle costs $69.99 for a 30-day supply. This price is relatively high compared to its competitors on the market. However, we believe it’s worth the money spent because it contains the highest-quality ingredients for joint health enhancement, plus third-party testing.

If you are unhappy with the product within 30 days of delivery, you can return the unused capsules for a refund. If you are unsure about the capability of Instaflex Advanced, you can get the 14-day trial.

Instaflex Advanced Get 14-Day Samples
Fast joint relief
Tested by a third party
30-day money-back guarantee
100% refund

Instaflex Advanced Reviews By Customers

Customer Reviews

We read many customer reviews on Instaflex Advanced online from Amazon and the product’s official website. Overall, the overall rating score for Instaflex Advanced isn’t bad. While all negative reviews emphasize the healthy pricing of this joint relief supplement, the positive reviews praise how it supports knee discomfort and failing joints.

Besides, some Amazon buyers complained about the bottle containing fewer than 30 capsules. Therefore, we recommend you buy from its official website to avoid similar problems.

Here are Instaflex Advanced reviews by customers:

5Expert Score
Carma D

I was very skeptical, at first. I have tried a lot of over-the-counter stuff, to help my knee. I work in a Garden Center, and do a lot of walking, pushing, and pulling. I really noticed a big difference after I took Instaflex. I just ordered the sample kit, thinking that I wasn’t going to get anymore, but boy am I wrong. I can’t wait for my next shipment and have been telling a lot of people about it. Thanks again.

4Expert Score

This product works better than I have purchased thus far. As advertised, it greatly relieves my joint discomfort, especially the knees in the stated 5-7 days. Unfortunately, it’s expensive, however, I have found that Amazon’s price is the best at this time.

4Expert Score
Kindle Customer

This product seems to help some with my knee stiffness & discomfort. However, my first bottle only lasted 27 days, not 30! I let it go for that order. But, I received my recent bottle today and decided to count the capsules, there were only 27! I feel that this is false advertising and I am not receiving the amount I paid for! I have sent a complaint to Amazon & they will forward it to the seller/shipper. I hope this was an oversight & not a ploy to scam the customer.

5Expert Score
Ashleigh B.

My husband suffers from joint issues. This product helps keep his joints working and lessens the discomfort. He can not take regular joint supplements as they contain shellfish (a trigger food for gout). Instaflex has no shellfish at all. He has been taking this product for over a year and can tell a difference. Highly recommended for those who cannot take supplements containing shellfish.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is Instaflex FDA Approved?

Both Instaflex Advanced and its initial version are not approved by FDA. In fact, FDA does not approve any health supplements, but that does not mean they aren’t legit or trustworthy. However, they adhere to manufacturing guidelines and are tested by an authorized third-party lab.

How Long Until Instaflex Advanced Works?

As per Instaflex Advanced join support reviews, it must take at least seven days to feel actual relief in your joints or knees. Moreover, more substantial joint comfort can be observed after four weeks of use.

Is Instaflex Advanced Legit?

Yes, Instaflex Advanced is 100% legit without a sign of a scammer. People with joint issues have been using it and experiencing positive effects. With an excellent overall rating from its customers, this supplement is worth trying out.

Based on Instaflex Advanced reviews, this product is one of the best joint supplements available on the market that WhichChoose has studied today. Compared to other joint supplements, Instaflex Advanced is worth the money. However, we don’t recommend you rely solely on Instaflex Advanced because it needs support to deliver results. You should also follow an anti-inflammatory diet that can reduce free radicals and inflammation in the body. That way, you will achieve incredible results and true joint pain relief.

Science sources:

  • Sadigursky, D., Magnavita, V., Sá, C., Monteiro, H. S., Braghiroli, O., & Matos, M. (2022). UNDENATURED COLLAGEN TYPE II FOR THE TREATMENT OF OSTEOARTHRITIS OF THE KNEE. Acta ortopedica brasileira, 30(2), e240572.
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