Instant Checkmate Vs BeenVerified: Best Background Check?

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This blog will dive into Instant Checkmate vs BeenVerified to know which one provides a better background check service. Although they may not be the best in the background-search market, they have some excellent features and have been trusted over the years. But after sufficient consideration, we have finally picked Instant Checkmate as the best option here. Let WhichChoose guide you through every key criterion to explain clearly why we have made that decision.

Instant Checkmate Vs BeenVerified
Instant Checkmate Vs BeenVerified

Instant Checkmate Vs BeenVerified: Overview

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Instant Checkmate
Instant Checkmate
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Background Checks
Reverse Phone Number & Email Lookup
Criminal Records Database
Sex Offender Database
Global data
Diverse background information
Additional filters
Five-day Trial
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Reverse Address Lookup
People Search
Reverse Phone and Email Lookup
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1.1. Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is a background-check service that allows people to search for anyone’s profile, including contact info, location info, professional background, and even criminal history.

This company collects available data from public records and other parties like social media platforms and private companies. While people use Google, Yahoo, or Bing to find the answer to a general question, they can use Instant Checkmate to find a long-lost friend, look for dates, or monitor their info.

Its background-check service has been trusted for its information credibility. It complies carefully with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), ensuring that the information companies provide is appropriately used.

1.2. BeenVerified

Like Instant Checkmate, BeenVerified offers a people-search service by gathering public records so that users can find someone’s profile. Specifically, it provides them with contact info, living addresses, emails, phone numbers, marriage status, and other details.

Overall, BeenVerified offers all the same features and types of formation as compared to other similar sites. However, users appreciate its ease of use and helpful customer support.


Instant Checkmate Vs BeenVerified: The Pros And Cons

Pros & Cons

2.1. Instant Checkmate

Overall, people opt for Instant Checkmate as their trustworthy background-check service. That’s because it offers them an extremely cheap trial (just $1). This allows users to test the tool within five days and see whether they can continue using it. There are not many similar companies that offer the same thing.

Additionally, the site of Instant Checkmate is pretty easy to navigate. It is designed to have a simple interface. If you can use Google, you can use this tool too. 

The vital thing here is how you sort through the reports and find the matching profile in a short time. But you may get annoyed by its low loading speed.

We are breaking down the pros and cons below.

  • You don’t have to be tech-savvy to navigate its interface.
  • It presents a great deal of data for just a single search.
  • It offers a five-day trial that costs just $1.
  • Various options are provided for your search.
  • It has a mobile-app version.
  • It shows how users can use the information appropriately.
  • Global Database.
  • Loading for search results is sometimes slow.
  • You cannot buy a single data report.
  • Customer service is not always there for help.

2.2. BeenVerified

We can see that BeenVerified is more impressive regarding customer support. This is a plus point for it. However, it doesn’t provide a trial for new users. How can they be sure if its service works for them without a trial?

Besides, BeenVerified indicates a significant drawback for not constantly updating individual profiles. This issue hasn’t been fixed, consequently, degrading the overall quality of its background-check service.

  • The customer support is helpful.
  • It provides a wealth of profiles that are closest to your search.
  • It’s affordable.
  • There’s a mobile app with a simple-to-use interface.
  • Search loading is usually fast.
  • The trial is unavailable.
  • You must pay for the one-month plan or beyond to use its service.
  • It doesn’t always get the information updated.
  • Only U.S. databases.

BeenVerified Vs Instant Checkmate: Features

BeenVerified Vs Instant Checkmate: Features
BeenVerified Vs Instant Checkmate: Features

3.1. Instant Checkmate

In general, most background-check providers bring the same features essential for people searching. Nevertheless, we will list the most prominent features of Instant Checkmate below.

  • People Search: By simply entering someone’s name, you receive their background info, contact info, arrest records, etc.
  • Detailed Background Check: It dives deep into an individual profile with photos, religion, relatives, assets, social media presence, dating profiles, etc.
  • Criminal Record Database: This is the best feature of Instant Checkmate; according to most Instant Checkmate reviews, it’s always accurate and helpful for dating searches. 
  • Sex Offender Database: This feature is quite underrated; it lets you know if anyone in your new neighborhood is a sex offender via his name, map location, and above. 
  • Nationwide Inmate Search: If you need to find someone in jail, this feature helps locate them. 
  • Reverse Phone Lookup: You are disturbed by someone who always calls you at midnight, and when you call back, there’s no response? This feature has the guy behind that unknown phone number just exposed.
  • Instant Checkmate Mobile App: You can use Instant Checkmate via its app on your smartphone. This is convenient for when you want to find someone’s identity outside while on the go.

3.2. BeenVerified

Here are the main features of BeenVerified:

  • Reverse Address Lookup: You can have the home address of someone living in the U.S. by entering her/his full name.
  • People Search: Import all information you have on hand about the person you desire to know more about, and the tool will generate a list of profiles matching your queries.
  • Reverse Phone and Email Lookup: BeenVerified needs a phone number or email address of someone to deliver as much data about that person as possible. This feature is the most beneficial in case you’re trying to find out more about someone before meeting that person.
  • Multi-Device Accessibility: You can enjoy its service on desktops or mobile devices. If you mostly use everything on your smartphone, download the BeenVerified app on App Store and Google Play.
  • Saved History: Sometimes, the information changes, and you may just forget what kind of person they were in the past. BeenVerified allows you to have a look at previous searches in a breeze.

BeenVerified Vs Instant Checkmate: How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

4.1. Instant Checkmate

This tool provides a global database, which means you can find anyone outside your country. Instant Checkmate helps you check the background information of someone by processing all the data it has and showing potentially matching profiles.

The database is enormous, so the process must take a long time (about 12 minutes) to give you the most relevant results. However, you can optimize it by narrowing the search results with additional filters.

Once you have picked out the match profile, you can see details in the report as long as you have purchased its subscription plan. Also, you can rest assured that all of your actions on this background-check platform are entirely private.

4.2. BeenVerified

BeenVerified has the same functionality as Instant Checkmate. It gathers data from public records and social networks to give the best search results on individuals.

However, as earlier mentioned, this people-search provider is not good at updating new information on people. Perhaps, that’s why they focus on building a great team of customer support to calm the situation down.

BeenVerified Vs Instant Checkmate: How Does It Work?
BeenVerified Vs Instant Checkmate: How Does It Work?

Instant Checkmate Vs BeenVerified: Price


5.1. Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is priced differently based on its types of membership. Here is what each membership looks like.

  • Monthly report membership (Basic Background Checks + Reverse Email Lookup): $34.78/month 
  • Quarterly report membership (Basic Background Checks + Reverse Email Lookup): $27.82/month
  • Phone Lookup membership (Reverse Phone Lookup): $4.99/month
Enjoy the flexibility of unlimited searches.
Results you can trust.
Dedicated to customer privacy.
See who that number belongs to.
Verify the owner of a phone number.
Discover associated social media accounts.

5.2. BeenVerified

Compared to Instant Checkmate, this platform offers its service at a better price with inclusive subscription plans. But it does not provide you with a trial. This pricing is listed as follows.

  • One-month Membership: $22.86/month
  • Three-month Membership: $14.86/month
BeenVerified Best Values
Simple Interface.
People Search.
Reverse Email Lookup.
Database in the U.S.

BeenVerified Vs Instant Checkmate: Is It Legitimate?

6.1. Instant Checkmate

This San Diego-based company is a legitimate business and has been in operation since 2010. It is a legal service to use without fear of scams. 

At this writing moment, Instant Checkmate receives 4/5 stars as an overall rating score on TrustPilot and is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

6.2. BeenVerified

BeenVerified is also legit and transparent about what it offers to users. Although it’s not a scam, users raise many concerns about how it works. On TrustPilot, the background-check service receives only 1.7/5 stars, which is super low.


Instant Checkmate Vs BeenVerified: Simple To Use

7.1. Instant Checkmate

The easy-to-use, well-designed interface of Instant Checkmate is actually a big plus for it to compare itself with the alternatives. You simply perform a simple search by entering the first name, last name, city, or location and wait for a while to see results.

The process may take minutes to get done, but this is not really a deterrence since the quality of its information is worthwhile. Besides, you are provided with a good list of frequently asked questions at the bottom of the site, where you may have your problems solved. 

7.2. BeenVerified

BeenVerified is quite responsive on multiple devices with a simple interface so that anyone can access its service. Like Instant Checkmate, you only need to do basic searches with any information you already have on hand. 

The foremost thing about BeenVerified is that it generates reports more quickly than Instant Checkmate and even many other similar platforms.

In a nutshell, all comparisons regarding Instant Checkmate vs BeenVerified must come to a recognition that Instant Checkmate is the best option so far

Why? Let us wrap things up in this conclusion. Although Instant Checkmate is higher in price and loads not quickly as BeenVerified, the quality of information it provides is more reliable. At the end of the day, it’s the credible, up-to-date information that matters. Alongside, you can give it a try with just $1 for a five-day trial – this offer is rare compared to many background check services today. WhichChoose hopes this blog regarding Instant Checkmate vs BeenVerified has been helpful for you!

Instant Checkmate Vs BeenVerified: Best Background Check?
Instant Checkmate Vs BeenVerified: Best Background Check?
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