John Crestani Reviews: Best Affiliate Marketing Coach?

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In this blog, you are going through our John Crestani reviews to know who this guy is and whether what he’s bringing to affiliate marketers is trustworthy. By what he’s bringing, we mean the Super Affiliate System. His training program promises to guide you in making a great deal of money with affiliate marketing. WhichChoose has done a bunch of research on this. And now — let’s see how it’s possible and what notes we should make regarding this affiliate marketing coach.

John Crestani Reviews
John Crestani Reviews

Who is John Crestani?

Who is John Crestani?

John Crestani is an expert affiliate marketing coach who has been in the industry for over five years. He has helped hundreds of people to achieve their dreams and goals through his coaching program Super Affiliate System (a.k.a JetSet).

John has an impressive track record of success when it comes to affiliate marketing. But there are also rumors that he wasn’t a good student in college and that he was even forced to drop out of school for cheating. It’s more well-known that he once sold pseudoscientific health supplements and got in trouble with it.

He struggled with being so dependent on his family and living in fear of judgment. Worse, he admitted that he had done terrible things to himself just to get paid. But those hard times lead him to discover affiliate marketing from an e-commerce expert.

Now he has helped affiliate marketers earn thousands of dollars each month by bringing the right products to the right audience. And he’s teaching them all in the John Crestani Super Affiliate System. Let’s have a look at this training program below!


What is John Crestani Super Affiliate System?

What Is His Super Affiliate System?
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John Crestani
Super Affiliate System
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Coach: John Crestani
Field: Affiliate Marketing/Making Money Online
Course Format: Ebook
Training Duration: Six weeks
User Levels: Anyone
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Well-organized lessons
Affiliate marketing tips throughout the course
Many testimonials from real students on the official website
Essential foundations for beginners
Completely legit

Super Affiliate System is a training program designed to help anyone achieve success in affiliate marketing. It’s a six-week training course with audio, webinars, quizzes, and practical guidelines on how to earn money by promoting others’ products. 

This course is made for everyone, including you as a novice. It walks you through a step-by-step learning process with valuable tips and deep-dived lessons. Besides, John states that the program teaches others how to do exactly what he has done for himself. And guess what? He has made over $19,700,000.


What Can You Learn In John Crestani Course?

What Can You Learn?
What Can You Learn In John Crestani Course?
What Can You Learn In John Crestani Course?

Diving into this John Crestani course, you’ll pick up affiliate marketing knowledge through individual lessons. We’re breaking them down below.

  • Introduction: The first section of this course reveals an overall picture of what you can expect to grasp after training. Besides, John lets you know what mindset to prepare before learning from his advice so you can achieve maximum results.
  • Picking a niche: This importantly sets a robust foundation for your affiliate marketing business. John teaches you how to find a niche that is associated with your passion and generates significant profits in the long run.
  • Website building: John also shows you how to build an affiliate marketing website/landing page with WordPress. You’ll learn how to write copies that sell and what to do in the realm of running a new website.
  • Launching products: John guides you with every step to find profit-potential products and how to launch them. What to prepare and how to leverage organic traffic to drive sales. 
  • Generating Traffic: Speaking of traffic, John reveals all his secrets of how to bring more traffic to the website in various ways. Higher traffic means higher chances for successful deals.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): It’s vital to do SEO today because this organic-traffic-driven method saves you tons of money for enduring growth. John gives you from the basics to the advanced tips on nailing at SEO.
  • Youtube: A considerable part of John Crestani Super Affiliate System is about making money online from Youtube. Since John starts largely from Youtube, I recommend you pay close attention to this section and try to figure out anything you could.
  • Email marketing: It’s important to ascertain your audience demography and send your offers directly to them regularly. With this lesson, you can do it. John specifically teaches you how to make a list of your audience from Email Automation tools and more.
  • Authority review sites: This belongs to some kinds of backlinks in SEO and PR methods that enhance the authority score of your web page. Once you earn “votes” from other trustworthy sites, search engines like Google and Bing can base on that to rank your pages higher.

John Crestani Reviews: Pros And Cons

Pros & Cons

Now you know who John Crestani is and what his famous affiliate marketing course is all about. Let’s clarify this guy with a pros and cons analysis according to actual John Crestani reviews.

  • John has actually earned huge money from affiliate marketing.
  • He has a Youtube channel with over 300,000 subscribers and millions of views.
  • His affiliate marketing course is a real deal and has helped people change their lives.
  • The Super Affiliate System is comprehensible and recommended for beginners.
  • There are dark rumors about this guy.
  • The course hasn’t got updated with new content for a long time.
  • The course is overpriced for many people.

Is John Crestani Legit?

Is John Crestani Legit?

John Crestani does a legit business with affiliate marketing and gives his many students the valuable know-how of making money online. If you search for his name on Youtube or Facebook, you can see that he has a plethora of followers and positive reactions. So we can say that John Crestani is not a scam.

However, because he seems to overhype his affiliate marketing method and build an extra-sleek image online, people have easily assumed him to be a con artist.

In fact, John Crestani has earned too much money. Once working for a marketing agency run by another person in Los Angeles, he helped make nearly $800,000. So it’s understandable why he has the confidence to amplify his name.

To wrap it up, John is not a scam but is considered the best affiliate marketing coach so far in the United States. His success on Youtube and Facebook indicates the trustworthiness of this guy as well as his mastery in making money online. 

As a beginner in affiliate marketing, you must feel the importance of learning from the right guide; and we can be sure with you that his Super Affiliate System will make a great start for you. If you’re still not convinced by John Crestani reviews, that’s fine. You can learn more about this guy on his Youtube channel and make a thoughtful purchase of his course afterward. WhichChoose hopes this blog has been helpful!

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