Mastering Book Publishing Review: Is It Legit?

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If you are a freelance writer and have a book inside you, WhichChoose will look at a company that can help you publish your book effectively. The company offers a full service that takes much of the work from publishing a book. Can you trust them? Let’s look at a Mastering Book Publishing review and see if they are worth using.

Mastering Book Publishing Review
Mastering Book Publishing Review

What is Mastering Book Publishing?


Mastering Book Publishing is a comprehensive course on starting an online book publishing business with Amazon. This course teaches how to produce, publish, sell, and make money on this biggest online shopping platform. It details the entire process. Moreover, the course is an updated original version, with more tactics for helping you in publishing your own books on Amazon.

This course has five courses with video tutorials and three bonuses on scaling your publishing business.

Mastering Book Publishing
Mastering Book Publishing
Original Price: $988
Current Price: $147
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The mind-shift to the master strategy.
Highly profitable niche mining and selection.
Creating a quality book.
Mastering the book launch.
Marketing, promotion, and optimization for passive income.
Anyone who wants to publish and sell books online via Amazon.

What Is Included In Mastering Book Publishing?

What Is Included?
What Is Included In Mastering Book Publishing?
What Is Included In Mastering Book Publishing?

2.1. Module 1: The Mindshift to Master The Strategy

The Mindshift to Master The Strategy consists of:

  • The Online Business Mastery Blueprint: Learn the six stages to building a successful online book business.
  • The Publishing Mastery Mindset: Learn the winning mindset of the top 1%.
  • ​The Publishing Mastery Blueprint: Discover the proven step-by-step method for publishing books on Amazon from the beginning so you can start making passive cash while you sleep.
  • The Publishing Mastery Manifesto: Follow this creed to become an unstoppable force in self-publishing.
  • Goal setting workshop can help you develop momentum rapidly.

2.2. Module 2: Exploring And Choosing Profitable Niches

This module teaches you how to find profitable book niches and keywords on Amazon using proven criteria. It contains:

  • ​​How Amazon book publishing works: This tutorial explains how to publish your first book on Amazon quickly and easily.
  • ​How to find highly profitable niches on Amazon: You’ll generate book publishing specialty ideas.
  • Find Amazon book niches and keywords that will bring you the greatest traffic and sales.
  • Hack for Keyword Research in just minutes instead of days.
  • ​Criteria for choosing a profitable book niche: You’ll filter your list of specialized ideas to find the most successful one.

2.3. Module 3: Creating A Quality Book

Module 3 teaches you how to construct a sellable book even if you’re not an author. I’ll show you how to build a title and cover that sells books. You can find these things inside this module:

  • Fool-Proof method for designing, developing, and naming your book to boost sales.
  • Step-by-step process to find book ghostwriters.
  • Over-the-shoulder: An easy approach for formatting your book with kindle create so it’s ready to publish.
  • How to avoid violating trademarks: You’ll discover how to protect yourself and your business from trademark-related legal issues.

2.4. Module 4: Mastering The Book Launch

Module 4 explains how to get your book off your computer and into Amazon’s virtual shelves. In this module, it has

  • A help for you to set up your KDP account and publish your first Kindle and paperback book.
  • ​A step-by-step guide to turning your Kindle book into a paperback for extra income.
  • Way to set up an Amazon author central account and author page: This can help you build trust and credibility.
  • The best way to launch your book.
  • Develop a book launch marketing plan.

2.5. Module 5: Marketing, Promotion & Optimization for Passive Income

The final module contains:

  • How to use Amazon’s marketing power to promote your book for free.
  • How to double or triple your profits using Amazon ads.
  • How to get Amazon reviews to boost your rankings and increase sales.
  • 7 ways to increase book sales and profits to leverage your online business

Who Is Mastering Book Publishing Intended For?

Who Is It For?

Mastering Book Publishing is for Amazon book publishers. It’s for those without internet business or writing expertise who want to produce and sell books and run online enterprises. This guide benefits both professional writers and internet sellers.


Mastering Book Publishing Review: Pros And Cons

Pros & Cons

If you’re looking for the benefits and drawbacks of Mastering Book Publishing, look no further. Check out the following checklist:

  • Bonuses and a refund policy are included.
  • Stefan James is a publisher, affiliate, and specialist.
  • Mastering Book Publishing has actionable lessons.
  • Kindle Publishing is a valid business concept.
  • Stefan utilizes this program to promote his non-Kindle goods.
  • Kindle Direct Publishing has hidden fees.
  • Amazon’s book publishing market is crowded.

How Much Does Mastering Book Publishing Cost?

The Pricing

Mastering Book Publishing is normally $988. However, you do not have to pay the full amount because the price has been reduced to $147 with numerous exclusive incentives. In comparison to other competitors, this price is quite reasonable.

Stefan James will give you the following two upgrades once you have completed your payment.

  • Master Book Marketing: $97/month or $997/year.
  • Affiliate Marketing Mastery – $497 One time.
Done-For-You Templates Library
($197 Value).
​Exclusive Program “How To Build A Publishing Company” ($197 Value).
Exclusive Program “Book Publishing Automation & Scaling” ($297 Value).
Certificate “Book Publishing Master” (Priceless).
$147$988 BUY NOW

Is Mastering Book Publishing Legit or Scam?

Is Mastering Book Publishing legit?

Is Mastering Book Publishing a scam? The Mastering Book Publishing course is legit. It can let people make money from home through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing company. Kindle Direct Publishing is a genuine way to publish a book. You’ll be safe.

Mastering Book Publishing is the best online book publishing guide. The course leads you to start a successful online book publishing business without writing, internet marketing expertise, or large capital investments. It reveals the secrets to successful Amazon book publishing. WhichChoose hopes this Mastering Book Publishing review shows it’s a good investment for anyone interested in publishing and selling books on Amazon.

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