Medical Guardian Reviews: Is It Good?

Is Medical Guardian good? Yes, 100% good. If you prefer to build your customized device bundles, Medical Guardian is a great option. Medical Guardian also provides many medical alert systems, both stationary and portable.

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A medical alert system can contact the authorities immediately if you or a loved one are ever in danger. Seniors living alone or with a partner can rest easy knowing that help is just a button away with a medical alert device. So, in this article, WhichChoose wants to share with you everything about Medical Guardian reviews – one of the most well-known names of medical alert systems.

Medical Guardian Reviews
Medical Guardian Reviews

What Is A Medical Guardian?

Medical Guardian
Medical Guardian
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Mobile capabilities.
24/7 monitoring.
U.S.-based monitoring.
Fall detection.
GPS capabilities.
Base unit (stationary).
Mini Guardian.
Classic Guardian.
Home 2.0.
Mobile 2.0.
MGMove Smartwatch.

Medical Guardian is an industry leader with at-home and on-the-go medical alert systems. It targets elderly people who live alone.

This medical alert systems [1] offers in-home, on-the-go, smartwatch, and GPS-enabled wearable medical alert systems in all 50 states. Seniors can choose a package that fits their needs and lifestyle. Robust in-home systems and wearable mobile devices with GPS [2] enable subscribers to achieve freedom.

Medical Guardian offers six service packages, including wearable and in-home fall-detection systems with two-way speakers. Home alarms have a 1,400-foot range. Depending on the gadget, on-the-go batteries last seven days.

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Advanced hourly location monitoring
Access to the MyGuardian tool
Connects to your landline telephone
1,300 ft of protection
32 hours of backup battery power
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1,400 ft of protection
Access to the MyGuardian Portal & App

Types Of Medical Guardian Alert System

Types Of Medical Guardian Alert System
Types Of Medical Guardian Alert System

Here are some typical types of the Medical Guardian alert system:

  • Mini Guardian: Medical Guardian’s newest all-in-one mobile solution is the Mini Guardian. Its breadth is half that of regular devices for discretion. It’s hardly taller than a matchbox and weighs 1.3 ounces. Moreover, this elegant cellular system has a five-day battery, water resistance, three color options, two-way conversation, and built-in GPS and WiFi monitoring.
  • Classic Guardian is Medical Guardian’s most economical medical alert system. The base device connects to your landline and provides two-way contact with the operator. The pendant has a 1,300-foot range and a 32-hour backup battery.
  • Home Guardian: The Home 2.0 works on AT&T’s cellular network, like the Classic Guardian. The basic device has a 30-hour backup battery and LED display. The pendant’s cellular range is 600 feet.
  • Mobile Guardian: Mobile 2.0 is similar to Home Guardian, except the base unit is portable, so you can take it on walks or increase your system’s range. The pendant may be used from 350 feet away.
  • MGMove Smartwatch supports SMS text messaging, scheduling, weather predictions, and a medical alert system. It has GPS and Wi-Fi.

How Does Medical Guardian Work?

Medical Guardian alarm systems include home and mobile. Pressing the medical alarm button connects you to a 24/7 medical monitoring center.

If Medical Guardian can’t ensure your safety following the alarm, they send emergency medical services to your area.

The monitoring center can access whatever notes you’ve shared in your profile. It can get you the aid you need, whether sending an ambulance for crisis care or contacting individuals you know for non-emergency help.

Medical Guardian’s emergency dispatch services are FM-approved and UL-listed, ensuring safety and reliability. Medical Guardian monitoring centers have TMA Five Diamond operator training and ESA emergency service accreditation.


Medical Guardian Model Features

Medical Guardian Model Features
Medical Guardian Model Features

There are many features of the Medical Guardian model. We listed some main features below:

  • The Freedom 2.0 smartwatch may remind users to take medications.
  • Ease of use is both convenient and safe. Medical Guardian gadgets are straightforward to set up, test, and utilize in emergencies, say consumers. This technology’s smart, streamlined design is user-friendly.
  • Most Medical Guardian devices charge $10 monthly for fall detection, but the comfort of mind is priceless. This system links users to an operator when they fall. If the user is hurt or unresponsive, emergency assistance will be sent.
  • GPS tracking helps the medical response team discover users so they can obtain treatment anytime, anywhere. On-the-go gadgets like Active Guardian and Mobile Guardian are perfect for busy users.

Medical Guardian Cost

Medical Guardian often charges equipment fees for purchased packages, while there are no equipment fees for leased packages. The fall detection upgrade costs an additional $10 per month on top of the base monitoring price. The table below will indicate the price of each type of Medical Guardian device:

Type Plan type Equipment cost Monthly fee Optional fall detection
Mobile 2.0 Buy $124.95 $39.95 Yes
Home 2.0 Buy $99.95 $34.95 Yes
Freedom 2.0 Buy Unavailable Unavailable No
Mini Guardian Buy $124.95 $39.95 Yes
Classic Guardian Lease $0 $29.95 Yes

To buy Medical Guardian, click here:

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Medical Guardian Customer Service

Some positive customer reviews for Medical Guardian:

5Expert Score
Betty Walter

Now that I have my alarm system, I feel considerably secure. I’ve fallen several times and understand the anxiety of not being able to call anyone. This approach has put my family and me at peace.

5Expert Score
Rachel A. Van Grouw

Medical Guardian offers prompt, dependable customer support from its headquarters in the United States. The initial information and setup were simple, and we now have peace of mind for our mother.

5Expert Score
Anita June Jones

I have yet to use the equity! I live alone and can care for myself at the moment! With the devices in my home, I feel safer.

5Expert Score
Valerie M.

Since my husband of 6 years died in May, I’ve been living alone with my dog. My only issue is my neckwear. The device falls when the clasp breaks. The neck material is comfortable. However, the clasp keeps breaking. This gives me a better solution. Thank you.

5Expert Score
June M.

My MG mini arrived promptly. On two occasions, I called customer service and spoke to someone, not chatting or recording. I fell abroad. I didn’t have my device or phone but wore my Apple Watch. My new MG mini arrived from MG checking on me (via my watch). My MG mini works.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Medical Guardian Waterproof?

    Some Medical Guardian wearable alert buttons are water-resistant. Others are waterproof and can be worn in the shower or bathtub.

  2. Is Medical Guardian Covered By Medicare?

    Medicare doesn’t consider Medical Guardians a need; thus, consumers must pay for them. Some policies, including Medicare Part C or a Medicare Advantage plan, pay or reimburse some charges, so check with your provider before buying.

  3. Is Medical Guardian legitimate?

    Medical Guardian is a reputable provider of at-home medical alert systems. The Monitoring Association awarded it Five Diamonds (TMA). Thousands of customers have given positive feedback. BBB rates Medical Guardian A+. The company’s U.S.-based response teams are competent and multilingual.

After reading Medical Guardian reviews from WhichChoose, what did you get? Compared to competitors, Medical Guardian has superior device ranges, longer battery lives, and one of the fastest reaction times in the medical alert market. Medical Guardian’s no-contract pricing and automated fall detection feature may help you sleep better at night.


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  • [2] Monika Pobiruchin, Dipl Inform Med, et al. (2017). Accuracy and Adoption of Wearable Technology Used by Active Citizens: A Marathon Event Field Study. JMIR Mhealth Uhealth. 2017 Feb; 5(2): e24. Published online 2017 Feb 28. doi: 10.2196/mhealth.6395.
Medical Guardian Reviews: Is It Good?
Medical Guardian Reviews: Is It Good?
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