Medical Guardian Vs Bay Alarm Medical

Comparing Medical Guardian vs Bay Alarm Medical, we see Medical Guardian would make a better choice for its versatile monitoring capability for caregivers and emergency help seekers.

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If you decide on Medical Guardian vs Bay Alarm Medical, this post is for you. As we might be aware, these two medical alert systems allow seniors to reach for immediate help during the event of an emergency. This article, WhichChoose will let you know which option is more advanced, reliable, and reasonably priced for your budget.

Medical Guardian Vs Bay Alarm Medical
Medical Guardian Vs Bay Alarm Medical

Medical Guardian Vs Bay Alarm: Introduction

For whom?
Medical Guardian
Medical Guardian
50% OFF
Check Prices
Home/mobile monitoring system
Detailed Caregiver App
Voice-activated wall buttons
Smartwatch-inspired mobile option.
Pendant, wristband.
Tracks user movement
Up to four contacts to get an alert
Annual plans with discounts
US-based call center
For whom?
Caregivers who want additional monitoring
Bay Alarm Medical
Bay Alarm Medical
No current deals
Check Prices
Home/mobile monitoring system
In-vehicle crash detection
Pendant, belt-attachable device
Inexpensive base costs 
Monitors couples or roommates easier
Alert capability for vehicular accidents
For whom?
Couples/Active drivers

1.1. Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian is the brand of a well-known medical alert system in the United States. It was made by Geoff Gross in Philadelphia after the events of his grandma falling without any notice from his family.

Like many similar products, Medical Guardian aims to connect the senior with the caregiver in the situation of immediate help being needed. The product comes with a total of six monitored systems and an app designed for caregivers.

MGMove 50% OFF
Stay safe 24/7
Track your daily progress
Social Circle Apps to stay in touch
5-day battery life
Crystal clear 2-way speaker
Advanced location tracking
Continuous monitoring services
Mobile 2.0 50% OFF
Long-lasting 5-day battery
Advanced hourly location monitoring
Access to the MyGuardian tool
Connects to your landline telephone
1,300 ft of protection
32 hours of backup battery power
  Access to the MyGuardian Portal & App
Home 2.0 50% OFF
Voice Assist Button
4G technology
1,400 ft of protection
Access to the MyGuardian Portal & App

1.2. Bay Alarm

As a medical alert device, Bay Alarm Medical allows users to call for assistance, set daily goals, and track their footsteps.

Bay Alarm has launched the SOS Smartwatch and SOS Mobile as the only two of its devices. The latter has been recently launched. Because it is pretty sleek, this device might be a good option for tech-savvy seniors. However, it might not be fully utilized if users fail to have the device by their side.

SOS Smartwatch No current deals
Advanced, user-friendly interface
Dedicated SOS button
Optimized for daily use
Step trackers and daily goal settings
SOS Mobile No current deals
Powered by 4G LTE
Long battery life & water resistance
Caregiver tracking app

Medical Guardian Vs Bay Alarm: Main Features

Medical Guardian Vs Bay Alarm: Main Features
Medical Guardian Vs Bay Alarm: Main Features

Overall, Medical Guardian is slightly more expensive than Bay Alarm Medical, but it is more advanced. It offers more diverse tools and features to protect users in any situation, whether at home or on the go outside. Medical Guardian users, in a nutshell, have more options to go with.

Furthermore, one feature of Medical Guardian that really impresses us is the 1,300 – 1,400 foot range between the in-home button and the base. This feature is especially useful if the user lives in a large house. Meanwhile, Bay Alarm Medical can only be active in a narrower range, which is 1,000 feet.

  Medical Guardian MGMove Bay Alarm Medical
In-home Protection Classic GuardianHome 2.0 SOS Home
Mobile/On-the-go Systems MGMoveMini GuardianMobile 2.0 SOS SmartwatchSOS Mobile
Connection options AT&T / Verizon cellular / landline AT&T / Verizon cellular / landline
In-home button to base range 1,300 – 1,400 feet depending on the system 1,000 feet
Monthly service fee Minimum $29.95 Minimum $24.95
One-time equipment fee Minimum $124.95 for select systems Minimum $99 for select systems
Battery life for mobile systems Up to 5 days (depends on the system) Up to 6 days (depends on the system)
Fall detection available Yes Yes
Caregiver tools/apps Yes Yes

Medical Guardian Vs Bay Alarm: Pros And Cons

Pros & Cons

3.1. Medical Guardian

Overall, Medical Guardian’s most promising advantages are its current technology and waterproof feature. However, as previously stated, its disadvantage is its high price. 

Furthermore, while this brand’s products are not covered by warranty or insurance, it does provide discounts for semi-annual and annual payment plans. Let’s look at more Medical Guardian pros and cons in the table below.

  • A variety of contemporary technology, such as voice-activated wall buttons.
  • The full functionality of a smartwatch is available with Freedom Guardian.
  • Discounts for semi-annual and yearly payment schedules.
  • Family and friends can monitor activity at home or the GPS location of mobile devices using caregiver applications and the Family Guardian system.
  • Except for the smartwatch Freedom Guardian, all devices are waterproof.
  • High expenditures every month for monitoring.
  • Fall detection is not available in every device.
  • No device insurance is offered.

3.2. Bay Alarm Medical

Bay Alarm Medical typically provides excellent value to users on a tight budget. Furthermore, because all of its devices have fall detection, it is regarded as very competitive in the medical alert system industry. Let’s see more Bay Alarm pros and cons listed below.

  • Affordability is ranked first in the country.
  • Users can personalize the appearance of their gadgets with fashionable Bella Charms.
  • Real-time translation allows for 24-hour service in over 140 languages.
  • The On The Road system is unique in that it provides GPS monitoring as well as automatic crash detection.
  • Every device includes fall detection.
  • Wearables are slightly larger than competitors.
  • Monthly add-ons that are relatively expensive might soon pile up.
  • There are no smartwatches, home security, or door sensor devices.

Medical Guardian Vs Bay Alarm: Who Should Use?

Who Should Use?

4.1. Medical Guardian

The company focuses on people who have a high risk of fall-related injuries that require emergency medical attention. Furthermore, because of their age-related memory degrading [1], these people frequently fail to seek help. This device’s automatic fall detection will remedy the situation.

4.2. Bay Alarm Medical

Like Medical Guardian, Bay Alarm products are aimed at people who are more likely to fall due to their special medical conditions. According to customer feedback, its interface is user-friendly and simple to use. This can be an important feature because seniors usually have poor vision [2].

However, to use the fall detection features on most Bay Alarm system devices, you must pay an additional $10 per month. The same thing goes with Medical Guardian.


Bay Alarm And Medical Guardian: Contract


Regarding contracts, both companies offer no long-term options. Nonetheless, with Medical Guardian, you can find monthly billing with quarterly and semi-annual payment options.

Also, both offer refunds, yet there is a noteworthy difference here. While Medical Guardian gives you prorated refunds based on cancellation at any time, Bay Alarm offers full refunds only within 30 days.

Bay Alarm And Medical Guardian: Contract
Bay Alarm And Medical Guardian: Contract

Medical Guardian Vs Bay Alarm: How Does It Cost?

How Does It Cost?

The monthly monitoring price of Medical Guardian is $29.95 – $79.95 with discounts for annual plans. Plus, $10 per month serves as an optional fall detection fee. 

No activation fee is required. Also, to have up-front equipment, users also have to pay an extra $99 for the freedom guardian smartwatch device and $9.50 as a shipping fee.

MGMove 50% OFF
MG Move
Mobile 2.0
Mini Guardian
Classic Guardian
Home 2.0

For Bay Alarm Medical, the monthly monitoring cost will fall between $19.95 – $59.95 with no discounts; still, plus $10 as an optional fall detection fee. No activation fee is required. Also, the up-front equipment cost includes $9.95 as a shipping fee, which does not apply to the semi-annual plans.

Bay Alarm Medical No current deals
SOS Smartwatch
SOS Mobile
SOS Home

All in all, Medical Guardian vs Bay Alarm — which is a better option? Although we recognize the lower price of Bay Alarm Medical, we have to admit that Medical Guardian is more worth a shot.

Overall, both medical alert systems provide useful tools and features for anyone looking for help with potential falls and other medical emergencies. Bay Alarms Medical can be the best option for budget-conscious individuals. However, it does not offer as many as Medical Guardian, which has various additional features, including a well-developed caregiver app. 

Either product works wonders, especially for seniors and busy caregivers. Nonetheless, WhichChoose recommends Medical Guardian for holistic monitoring. We hope this Medical Guardian vs Bay Alarm comparison has been helpful.

Science sources:

  • 1. Small G. W. (2002). What we need to know about age-related memory loss. BMJ (Clinical research ed.), 324(7352), 1502–1505.
  • 2. Swenor, B. K., Lee, M. J., Varadaraj, V., Whitson, H. E., & Ramulu, P. Y. (2020). Aging With Vision Loss: A Framework for Assessing the Impact of Visual Impairment on Older Adults. The Gerontologist, 60(6), 989–995.
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