PhenQ Vs Skald: Which Should You Buy?

PhenQ vs Skald: Which one should you choose? Compared to Skald, PhenQ is better option because it contains a little caffeine; therefore, it is suitable for anyone, even those with cardiac issues.

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PhenQ and Skald are two of the most popular and effective weight loss supplements on the market. Both received many positive reviews from users around the world. So how do you decide which is better for you? Let’s dive into the PhenQ vs Skald comparison with WhichChoose to get the answer!

PhenQ Vs Skald
PhenQ Vs Skald

PhenQ Vs Skald: About Product

About Product
Key features
Unique ingredients
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Key features
Reduce fat accumulation.
Assist in burning fat.
Increase energy and mood levels.
A 60-day money-back warranty.
Free delivery for all orders.
Unique ingredients
L-Carnitine Fumarate.
Chromium Picolinate.
Capsimax Powder.
A-Lacys reset.
Take 2 pills every day.
Save 15%
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Key features
Boost your mood.
Reduce your appetite.
Accelerate the metabolic system.
A 60-day money-back guarantee.
Save money when buying in bulk.
Unique ingredients
Bitter orange fruit extract.
Mullein leaf powder.
White willow bark.
Green tea leaf extract.
N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine.
Taking 3 capsules daily is the maximum dose

1.1. PhenQ

First, let’s learn about PhenQ. PhenQ is a natural weight loss supplement that helps various aspects of weight drop. You are promised the below benefits from the daily supplementation of PhenQ:

  • Provide more energy.
  • Improve metabolism.
  • Lower body fat.
  • Prevent fat production in your body.

We are curious about “Is PhenQ good? How does it compare to Skald, another popular weight drop product?”

1.2. Skald

Skald from Beldt Labs Company is a thermogenic fat burner that helps burn excess fat in your body. Moreover, it offers unheard-of energy for intense workouts to build toned and lean muscle.

The same questions are raised for Skald, “Does it really work? How does Skald compare to PhenQ?”

Let’s check out their ingredients to find the answers.


PhenQ Vs Skald: Ingredients


2.1 Common Ingredients

Caffeine is only one common ingredient between PhenQ and Skald.

PhenQThere is 150mg of caffeine in the PhenQ supplement, aiding in increasing your energy and mood[1]. It’s a common ingredient sought in most dietary products for weight drop. You will see that you stay more focused and alert to your surroundings.
SkaldEach scoop of Skald contains 200mg of Caffeine Anhydrous. This will aid people in getting going for a day in the office or their workout. Moreover, it also helps you have extra concentration and be more alert. Caffeine also assists your lipolytic system in moving; therefore, you can begin your weight drop journey fast and drop more weight.

2.2. Unique Ingredients

Although PhenQ and Skald share one common ingredient, both contain many unique ingredients inside them. Let’s explore these unique ingredients in the table below:

Unique ingredients

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Unique ingredients
Calcium: One pill will give users 23% of the daily recommended dose of calcium. The markers believe that calcium[2] deficiency is the reason people accumulate much fat, which is why these tablets have more calcium than others.
Chromium Picolinate: Every capsule has 67% of the recommended dose of chromium every day. This ingredient should be a part of every diet as it aids in stopping sugar appetite[3]; therefore, your blood sugar has time to stabilize.
Capsimax Powder is a blend of capsicum fruit extract, caffeine, niacin, and black pepper. It helps burn extra fat[4] effectively.
L-Carnitine Fumarate is a non-necessary amino acid commonly found in red meat, milk, poultry, and fish. It also aids the body in turning fat cells into usable energy[5].
A-Lacys reset: Researchers found that this ingredient will assist in increasing metabolic response, which helps lose stubborn fat[6].

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Unique ingredients
N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine helps people get boost dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine levels. It also will aid in increasing your thermogenesis and metabolic rate since this ingredient stimulates the neurotransmitters in the nervous system.
Green tea leaf extract aids with fat loss[7] and brings you a mild energy boost.
Bitter orange fruit extract aids in stimulating any accumulated triglycerides, which begins a lipolysis process.
White willow bark: This ingredient will aid in relieving any aches[8] you might feel after exercising.
Mullein leaf powder is a common weed generally used to ease coughs and tuberculosis. Its makeup also helps with breathing during exercise.
Theobromine: Like caffeine, this ingredient will aid in boosting your mood; however, it will do it more gradually. It’s also known to assist in combating inflammation[9].

PhenQ Vs Skald: How To Take?

How To Take?

Many users desire to achieve their weight loss goal and are curious about how to take PhenQ or Skald effectively? So, let’s jump into the dosage of two supplements.

3.1. PhenQ

You should use 2 capsules of PhenQ daily to make your weight drop easier; one pill before breakfast and the other with your lunch. You should avoid using the tablet after 3 PM because it contains high caffeine, leading to sleeping disorders.

Note: Reduce the intake of caffeine and other caffeine-containing drink such as chocolate, soft beverages, cocoa, coffee, energy drinks, and several energy products while using PhenQ.

3.2. Skald

For Skald, the advisable dose is one tablet daily on an empty stomach before having breakfast and waiting for around 5 to 6 hours. If you don’t experience any untoward events, you can use one more tablet of the Skald product.

The maximum dose you can use is 3 tablets daily. If you love sipping on green tea or coffee throughout the day, this can rapidly add to the total caffeine intake, thus, increasing the jitteriness.


PhenQ Vs Skald: Side Effects

Side Effects

Like other weight loss supplements, you may experience some side effects while using PhenQ and Skald.

4.1. PhenQ

There’ve been no reports of the main side effects of the PhenQ supplement. The producer of PhenQ has been working very hard to prevent and avoid common side effects in weight drop capsules.

Experience slight discomfort is common because your body needs time to adjust and adapt to new changes. And this is how weight drop capsules work; therefore, you don’t have to worry.

4.2. Skald

The Skald product may lead to jitters. That is because 110 mg of caffeine is clubbed with bitter orange extract. This may disrupt your sleep and keep you jittery throughout the day.

Some users can tolerate this easily. They compare this product with more energy and can work through their day without problems. However, if you’re sensitive to stims, we think Skald may trigger it.


PhenQ Vs Skald: What Is The Price?


5.1. PhenQ

Where to purchase the PhenQ supplement? You can buy PhenQ on its official website to ensure PhenQ’s quality.

One bottle costs $69.99 and it’s quite high. However, if you purchase a bulk, the prices of PhenQ is super reasonable and it will help you start your weight loss journey easily!

You can refer to some PhenQ’s prices here:

  • 1 Bottle: $69.99 + Free Shipping.
  • 2 Bottles + 1 FREE: $139.99 + Free Shipping.
  • 3 Bottles + 2 FREE: $209.99 + Free Shipping.
PhenQ Buy 3 get 2 free
Reduce the accumulation of fat.
A money-back guarantee for 60 days & free shipping
Increase your energy.
Aid in fat burning.
Crush your eating cravings.

5.2. Skald

Skald is available for buying from its official website and online retailers worldwide. Here are the level of Skald’s prices you can consider buying:

  • 1 Bottle: $49.
  • 3 Bottles: $124.95 + Free Delivery.
  • 6 Bottles: $235.2 + Free Delivery.
Skald Save 15%
Decrease your cravings.
Give you energy.
Accelerate the metabolism.
Increase your mood.

To sum up, choosing PhenQ or Skald depends on your budget and goals. As the comparison above, we suggest you should choose PhenQ because it contains a little caffeine, so it’s suitable for anyone. However, if you are in low income, Skald will be the ideal weight loss option. WhichChoose hopes you enjoyed this blog about “PhenQ vs Skald: Which Should You Buy?” before making up your mind.


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PhenQ Vs Skald: Which Should You Buy?
PhenQ Vs Skald: Which Should You Buy?
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