Profit Maximiser Review: Is It Any Good?

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In this Profit Maximiser review, we provide honest thoughts about whether it is the best matched betting service. It’s the first platform in its area, but does that make its service have the upper hand over the alternatives? Or is it any good to take into consideration at this moment? Scroll down to get all explained by WhichChoose.

Profit Maximiser Review
Profit Maximiser Review
Profit Maximiser
Only £1 for 14-day trial.
Offers matched betting service.
Comes with handy tools, tips, and learning programs.
Provides helpful add-ons.
Best priced.
Start now with a 14-day trial for £1. Or, get them all with only £97 (plus VAT)

Profit Maximiser Overview


Profit Maximiser is the first platform offering matched betting services. It works day and night to find low-risk opportunities for maximizing profits from free bets and other promotions that bookmakers and casinos offer.

It also comes with handy tips and tools that teach you how to leverage free bets and casino deposit bonuses. That’s why as a newcomer, you can rest assured you will nail it for a short time.


What Is Included In Profit Maximiser?

What’s Inside?
What Is Included In Profit Maximiser?
What Is Included In Profit Maximiser?

Sport Betting Offers

This is the kind of offer that Profit Maximiser cannot overlook. As a matter of fact, a high number of active users are geared toward gaining matched betting in sports competitions. That’s why everything about sports is apparent with the platform so you can profit from it.


Offer Calendar

It’s all about taking the chance, so a calendar to keep track of the latest offers is essential. You are guaranteed to receive daily news and information about exciting offers in your mailbox with a double-checked feature. Also, you can find a regular offer calendar on its official website.

That way, you will be able to keep up with new happenings and new offers constantly. It also helps you avoid forgetting good offers and stay organized when there is so much to keep in order.



If you pay for Profit maximizer services, you’ll be added to its Facebook group, where you’ll meet like-minded people. It’s a place where they share interesting tips, tricks, new trends, and various betting questions.

As a group member, you are allowed to bring your own questions to the table and have them answered in minutes.


Casino Offers

Profit Maximizer’s casino offers are one of its strongest points. They have many variances, causing profit fluctuations to appear.

Hence, Profit Maximizer calculates the +EV (Positive Expected Value) of each offer. Obviously, no one wants to take advantage of -EV offers.

In short, your profits from casino offers will fluctuate. They necessitate significant sacrifices on your part. What you get when you win is enormous, and the same is true when you lose. Given this fact, you can use the EV calculator on this matched betting platform to determine which ones are worth investing in.


The Oddsmatcher Software

It is an effective tool for matching odds between betting exchanges and bookmakers. You are shown a preview of the profits you can make by performing a few simple operations. Simply enter the logical data into the calculator, set the stake, and wait for the results in an instant.


Private Site Access & Tutorials

The site includes a variety of free guides and tutorials that can help you at your very first betting step. All learning materials come in text and videos, making it easier for you to gain knowledge. And, once you become a member, you have full access to all of them.


Email Support Center

Of course, the platform has a single-minded customer support team who will serve your inquiries and questions via email. You can contact them at any time at your convenience to resolve any problems or merely a simple question from you.



  • Bonus Bagging
  • Accumulator Generator
  • EV Maximiser
  • Eachway Sniper
  • Betfair sniper
  • Bookie blowout

The add-ons above are what you will have access to as a verified member of Profit Maximiser. However, you have to pay some fees for using them. They won’t cost you much. Yet, they are excellent at making your experience on the platform more convenient and easy-going, which is the point that any Profit Maximiser review cannot put aside.


How Does Profit Maximiser Work?

How Does It Work?

Profit Maximiser simply provides its members with offers from bookies and casinos on its official website. The types of offers you are supposed to see are free bets, casino promotion bonuses, price boosts, and more.

But it doesn’t stop there. The platform’s utility tools will teach you how to maximize profits on those offers. This, as discussed at the beginning, is called matched betting.

Yes. That’s how it has always worked. As the creator of Profit Maximiser, Mike always ensures you have access to the platform’s facilities for the best experience. Needless to say, these tools are incredibly beneficial to anyone.

Now you have known almost everything about this matched betting site. Let’s break down the pros and cons to see a clearer picture.


Profit Maximiser Review: The Pros And Cons

Pros & Cons
  • It is an excellent platform for beginners in matched betting.
  • It was invented by a real person (Mike) who wanted to help everyone gain maximum profits from bookmakers’ free bets.
  • It has an online community on Facebook where the platform’s citizens share values.
  • There are learning materials on the official website.
  • Handy tools help you through vague decisions in your betting.
  • Its price is not high compared to the alternatives.
  • The system cannot work for people outside the UK and Ireland.
  • Monthly subscriptions are unavailable at this moment.

Is Profit Maximiser Legitimate?

Is It Legit?
Is Profit Maximiser Legitimate?
Is Profit Maximiser Legitimate?

Matched betting services are entirely legitimate, and Profit Maximiser is NOT a scam.

In fact, there are always questions about whether matched betting sites are trustworthy. This is understandable given that this type of service almost entirely provides guidance rather than a product or service that provides immediate results. You might or might not believe it.

Moreover, Profit Maximiser’s founder did not select a flashy theme for his website. It was too different from competing sites, raising many questions.

However, we strongly recommend this platform to anyone conducting extensive research before writing this Profit Maximiser review. It is more than just a platform. It is a community and a place where you can learn the fundamentals of matched betting.


What Is The Price Of Profit Maximiser?

How Much Is It?

To acquire complete access to the service, you must pay £97 (plus VAT). If you want to try it at first, there is a 14-day trial that costs only £1. Note that this £97 does not come with a few add-ons; they will cost you additional fees for further access instead.

If you have already paid a membership fee but want it no more, you can take action upon its 30-day money-back guarantee. There are always chances with Profit Maximiser.

Frankly saying, its pricing is more reasonable than most of its competitors. However, are there any negative reviews from its real customers?

Let’s see what they say below.

Profit Maximiser Best Values
Start 14-day trial for only £1.

Profit Maximiser Customer Review

Customer Review
5Expert Score
Vanessa Gracely

The service was highly streamlined and friendly. Easy process, less complicated than others. Everything is laid out and automated, giving you all the details you need to start. If I ever needed them with anything, they were there to help me. I have been using this service for a while now. I would say that I am thrilled with the results.

5Expert Score
Synthea Erving

I am very new to the community. This platform does what it’s supposed to do. Even though this was my second time using this service, it lives up to my expectations. Their support was beneficial, and the security was good too. I feel safe using this website.

5Expert Score
Sofie Claes

It is an excellent platform with good customer service. I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t such a complicated and daunting process after all. I could not recommend them enough.

All in all, this Profit Maximiser review has provided you with almost everything you need to know about its matched betting service. As far as we could see, the site offers top-notch value for money though does not come with a sleek website interface. However, you’ll find essential tools, lessons, like-minded people, and risk-free opportunities to maximize your profit via free bets and more with it. Hoping that WhichChoose has done a helpful post for you!

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