Super Chewer Barkbox Reviews: Is It Worth?

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The Barkbox is a dog subscription box that delivers 4-6 treats and toys to your door each month. It is excellent for dogs and their owners to bond together and helps your dog develop positive associations with these stuffs. In this post, WhichChoose shares information about Super Chewer Barkbox reviews, including how it works and how to get the best dog subscription box.

super chewer barkbox reviews
Super Chewer Barkbox Reviews

What Is Super Chewer BarkBox?


Super Chewer Barkbox is a monthly delivery of chews, tough toys, and meaty treats inspired by a new theme, allergies, and diet, adjusted to your dog’s size and delivered free to your door. With Super Chewer BarkBox, you don’t have to worry about your puppy making a mess because its toys are extra-durable and fluff-free, making them excellent for the most playful puppies.


What Do You Get With Super Chewer BarkBox?

What’s in Super Chewer Barkbox?

As you sign up for Super Chewer BarkBox, there are two options for you:

  • Obtain only chew toys with the All Toys box.
  • Obtain qualified chews, treats, and chew toys with the Toys and Treats box.

You will obtain three chew toys if you select the All Toys box. If you select the Toys and Treats box, you will obtain two treats, two chews, and two chew toys. These choices are great because you can select which option depending on things your dog likes or their particular circumstance.

If your dog loves to chew toys, you may want to purchase the All Toys box. You can buy the Toys and Treats box if you love mixing it up and providing your dog with different treats and chews.


How Does Super Chewer BarkBox Work?

How Does It Work?
How Does Super Chewer BarkBox Work?
How Does Super Chewer BarkBox Work?

Each month, the Super Chewer box comes with two tough toys created by their dog-loving designers; two tasty, meaty chews and two full-size bags of all-natural treats made with protein-rich and healthy ingredients. Each toy is designed with strong nylon and rubber and can stand the test of some serious chomping.

To sign up, you need to visit Super Chewer’s website, click the subscribe button, and fill out the required information about your dog, payment, and shipping details. After obtaining your first box, you can adjust your dog’s subscription to reach your puppy’s desires by altering your treat and toy settings in your online dashboard. Besides, you can mix BarkBox and Super Chewer toys.


Super Chewer Barkbox Reviews: The Pros And Cons

Pros & Cons
  • 100% satisfaction warranty.
  •  Free shipping inside the contiguous 48 United States.
  • No soy, wheat, and corn.
  • Six full-sized items in every box.
  • You can easily navigate the website with a good blog, FAQ, and customer service features.
  • Allergy-friendly packages can exclude turkey, beef, and chicken.
  • This box is not ideal for small dogs.
  • It is not suitable for dogs with dental issues.
  • Different ingredient sources for treats.

How Much Does Super Chewer Barkbox Cost?

How Much Does Super Chewer Barkbox Cost?
How Much Does Super Chewer Barkbox Cost?
super chewer
Super Chewer BarkBox
Check Prices
1 Month-subscription: $45 per month.
6 Month-subscription: $35 per month.
12 Month-subscription: $30 per month.

However, you can subscribe to Super Chewer Lite, which consists of one amazing toy, one scrumptious chew, and one bag of delicious treats for only $19.99 per month.


Is Barkbox Super Chewer Worth It?

Is It Worth It?

If your puppy tears up every toy in his or her path, Super Chewer BarkBox is an ideal option you should try. You don’t need to worry about your puppies damaging their monthly toys from Super Chewer, and all treats contained are naturally derived to guarantee that your dog has the safest and best chomping time ever.


Super Chewer Barkbox Reviews: Real Customers Reviews

Customer Reviews

Here are some Barkbox Super Chewer reviews from real customers you can refer to before purchasing it:

5Expert Score

My Molly was chewing the toys in the beginning, and the customer service team got an excellent review from me, which changed the super chewer for her and repaired the problem. She got changed toys and now she gets only toys in her box monthly! My Molly looks forward to the delivery man shipping your Barkbox monthly. They get five stars from us!

4Expert Score

We rescued a 50lb pittie, Hershey, from a city shelter. She is in the prime of her life, maybe 3 to 4 years. She ignores a toy for seconds or minutes if it is a bit tougher than usual. However, with Super Chewer, she gets spoiled every month! She loves everything in her box, and I feel it is a bargain on my wallet for the price. She obtains two decent-sized bags of incredibly flavored treats containing flavors such as lamb, pork, and all types of vegetables, and she gobbles them up very fast. The Super Chewer’s ingredients are outstanding! No fake junk or fillers in these!

5Expert Score

The themes are usually entertaining, and I appreciate the naming of the toys. The transparent ball for Space Jam…Bill Murray comment was the one that cracked me laughing. Toys in the mega chewer box last a long time. In our house, dog toys generally don’t survive a week (plush 10 minutes), but they do.

5Expert Score
Rosemary Bolduc

My Golden Retriever and I highly recommend Super Chewer Barkbox. What I liked best was how brilliant and innovative they were with the monthly themes. Something to look forward to every day. Unfortunately, I had to leave after many years since my Trievergirl was diagnosed with lung cancer, but when we recuperate and are ready to have another dog, we will surely return. Thank you very much, Barkbox.

4Expert Score
Monique Wilber

Toys get 5 stars! Jynx was enamored with the canvas-wrapped ball. He’s still not thrilled with some of the treats. He is really spoilt lol.
So I rated it four stars altogether.

In conclusion, with the Super Chewer Barkbox, your dog will be happy at the sight of the box and love taking their new toys out of it and playing with them. Moreover, you will laugh at the jokes and themes and be thankful that you are saving as much money on treats and toys and saving time from purchasing them yourself. With the information above, WhichChoose hopes you enjoyed our article about Super Chewer Barkbox reviews.

Two toys.
Two treat bags.
Two Chews.
Central theme.
Only $30 per box + FREE Delivery!
$30$45 Buy NOW
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