The Fast Tracks Review: Should You Buy It?

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The Fast Tracks is a teaching program that guides learners to start their affiliate marketing business and make money from affiliate platforms. If you haven’t figured out how to do it on ClickBank, this program is absolutely for you. But first of all, you need to have a good insight into this training course before buying it. How does it work? Is it legit? In this post, WhichChoose will answer these primary questions to let you know if it’s worthwhile.

The Fast Tracks Review
The Fast Tracks Review

What Is The Fast Tracks (1k A Day Fast Track)?

About Product

The Fast Tracks is basically an ebook that guides you through lessons on how to make money online from affiliate marketing.

The book creator, Merlin Holmes, says that the methods in this course are cumulative of his years of affiliate marketing experience. His valuable guidelines, tips, tricks, and notes have helped him earn thousands of dollars weekly.

Learning from the course, you are expected to do a step-by-step affiliate marketing project adeptly. It helps you earn a quick $400 as the commission for the first week. And then, when you have learned to practice the whole process, your income will indicate a tremendous leap overnight.

Product Information
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Overall Rating
The Fast Tracks
The Fast Tracks
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Product Information
Format: Ebook
Author: Merlin Holmes
Area: Affiliate Marketing/Making Money Online
User Levels: Anyone
Key Benefits
Comprehensive lessons about affiliate marketing
Step-by-step guidelines
Tips and tricks
Real case studies
Expert insights
Overall Rating

Does that sound exciting and simultaneously suspect to you? Just hold on. Let’s get to know how it works.


How Does The Fast Tracks Really Work?

How Does It Work?
How does the Fast Tracks work?
How does the Fast Tracks work?
How Does The Fast Tracks Really Work?
The Fast Tracks works by showing you how to earn money from promoting others’ products and offers on your website. You are walked through a tutorial that includes every single step from start to finish of an affiliate marketing process, as shown below:
Search for affiliate offers & creating Ad banners

You set off by finding the top products and services on the affiliate ecosystems. The best places worth looking at range from ClickBank, Digistore, and Commission Junction to big e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Etsy. The best-selling products you promote, the higher commissions you will get.

But that will also come with high competency amongst various affiliate marketers. The Fast Tracks’ author will show you how to pick offers that convert high sales based on different situations. Once you have chosen the offer you want to promote, you need to access a tool provided by your affiliate platform to make an Ad banner (or Ad copy).

Build high-converting landing pages

Creating a landing page that not only piques someone’s interest but converts sales can be hard. Your web-building skills are just not enough. You need to have beyond that, like a keen eye for UI/UX, SEO know-how, HTML knowledge, and copywriting skills. Don’t be overwhelmed now. Merlin Holmes makes it easier for you with his unique principles. They straightforwardly make users interact with the landing page in the desired way using ClickFunnels, Polls, and Questions.

Redirect to your offer page
The best part: you get an email list of leads to send out offers. And you’ll have the confidence to quickly and easily promote your future offers to their mailbox. Also, from your landing page, the user will be redirected to the offer once he enters his email address.
Earn money from valid conversions

If someone makes a valid conversion via the affiliate link you assert behind the text or buttons on your webpage, you’ll get a commission. What is a valid conversion? It depends on how the product owner regulates a specific affiliate campaign. Typically, a valid conversion is made by one of the actions below:

  • The user bought an offer via your affiliate link (most popular);The user just clicked on your affiliate link;The user downloaded an app via your affiliate link.

There will be more types of actions introduced in The Fast Tracks book. Moreover, it comes with The Fast Tracks intelligent income solutions that you will leverage to earn huge money based on different types of affiliate campaigns.


What Do The Fast Tracks Include?

What Is Included?

The Fast Tracks review will dive into six lessons included in this training course. Each lesson comes with basic knowledge and practical tips to familiarize you with affiliate marketing. That’s why we would say this program is a head nod for novice and not just experienced marketers.

Lesson #1: Introduction

This lesson gives you an overall picture of the training program, like what you should expect, what is the main goal here, and who you are to be able to learn. It also shifts your mind into thinking that affiliate marketing is not as difficult as many have said and that anybody can earn money from it.

After such a short warm-up, it heads straight to the affiliate marketing fundamentals. In this part, you should learn how the process will go overall and how you will receive money off commissions.

Lesson #2: Building Stage

This lesson teaches you how to create an interactive and high-converting web landing page that promotes your products. It also shows you what strategies to apply to get the first conversion and more. 

Lesson #3: Email Marketing Tactics

In this section, you learn to practice effective email marketing tactics to gain numerous conversions quickly. Interestingly, the author provides you with a premium list of email templates that amp up encouraging subscribers to buy your product.

Lesson #4: Techniques & Tools

This is the part when you get to learn every helpful technique and tools to work effectively with your affiliate parties.

Lesson #5: Advanced Tips

The author gives you his secrets about making more money online regularly. It means that once you have learned this far — nothing can stop you from generating more and more money from affiliate marketing.

Lesson #6: Financial Safety in Affiliate Marketing

There are a lot of online scams today, and all of them just want to get your money. The same thing has happened to many affiliate marketers. As a result, the author gives you warnings and advice on securing your finances while working with affiliate partners.

Free Extra Webinar: The Author’s Insights

Apart from those six lessons, this training program comes with an extra webinar that includes valuable insights from Merlin Holmes. During the webinar, you have a chance to dive more into the affiliate marketing industry regarding how is has evolved and what the opportunities are for newcomers. You will also get more tips to retain customers and maximize income from actual case studies.


The Fast Tracks Review: The Pros And Cons

Pros & Cons
  • The course is divided into digestible lessons.
  • It provides no doctrinaire training but practical tips, simple guidelines, and real case studies.
  • The author is legit, according to ClickBank’s leader board.
  • It comes with a free extra webinar that shares valuable insights from the author.
  • The course is made for everyone.
  • It requires expensive tools to practice the methods.
  • No one knows if the author has shared all his secrets to success.
  • It may be expensive for you.

Is 1k A Day Fast Track Legit? (Is 1k A Day Fast Track Legit?)

The 1K A Day Fast Track is a legit training program to teach people how to make money from affiliate marketing. Merlin Holmes, the course creator, is a real person and is currently on top of ClickBank’s leader board, as mentioned earlier. 

Is The Fast Tracks Legit?
Is The Fast Tracks Legit?

And yes. You can make money online by learning from The Fast Track, but in any case, don’t rely solely on it. Your success should be defined by your time and effort. So, we cannot promise that you will earn a high income practicing from this book.

The only thing we have known so far is that this program positively impacts various affiliate marketers out there. They must have experienced severe training, self-discipline, and patience to achieve excellent results.


What Is The Cost Of 1K A Day Fast Track System?

How Much Is It?

The 1K A Day Fast Track System is priced at $997 for the one-time payment. That means you’ll have lifetime access to this course and be able to share it with anyone for free. If that just hurts your budget, you can go for a free The Fast Tracks webinar.

Alongside this cost, you also need to pay some tool fees to run your practice or real affiliate projects possibly. The tools are:

  • Paid Ads for around $200/campaign,
  • Email Autoresponder for around $15/month,
  • ClickFunnels for around $100 to $300/month.

So yeah. The first month will cost your budget around $1,500 to fully kickstart your affiliate campaign. This number of money you have to spend can be overwhelming, but once you start, you’ll be excited by just how much you take back.

Six affiliate marketing lessons
Useful tips from an experienced marketer
Free webinars
Tool recommendations

If you are new to affiliate marketing, The Fast Tracks is one hundred percent worth a shot. And as we have researched real testimonials, we believe it wouldn’t be just a shot but a lucrative investment in the long run. It offers everything you need to kick off promoting affiliate products and earn thousands of dollars every month. WhichChoose hopes you have discovered something helpful in this post and get more inspired to make money online today!

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