Thumbnail Blaster Review: Is It Best Software For Videos?

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To grab the audience’s attention, content creators must create interesting content. Besides, designing appealing thumbnails is also very important; however, this is not an easy task. In this post, WhichChoose suggests Thumbnail Blaster, which helps users create stunning thumbnails for their videos.

Thumbnail Blaster Review
Thumbnail Blaster Review

What Is Thumbnail Blaster?

About Product
Main features
Who is it for?
Customer reviews:
Thumbnail Blaster
Thumbnail Blaster
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Main features
Include up to 100 beautiful templates.
Create mind-blowing thumbnails.
Design various elements.
Drag and drop feature.
Automatic making.
Vimeo integration.
A split test.
The image analyzer.
Directly publish your thumbnails to YouTube.
Who is it for?
SEO companies, MMO agencies, social media marketers, designers, email, and video marketers.
Customer reviews:

Thumbnail Blaster is a cloud-based application that helps users to create incredible thumbnails in easy steps. It allows users to get over a hundred personalized templates necessary for creating thumbnails.

The system is run by an image analyzer (artificial intelligence) that checks images for exact usage of the product; thus, it helps the videos approach the target audience effectively.

The product has standard and pro versions. The standard version allows individuals to add a single account at one time. Yet, they need to clear the current account if they have to work on videos implied for other accounts. Users can manage many accounts like YouTube, Instagram, and others in the professional version.


How Does Thumbnail Blaster Work?

How Does It Work?
How Does Thumbnail Blaster Work?
Here is how Thumbnail Blaster works, including:
Step 1: Select your template
There are up to 30 pre-designed images to select from. Your selections include vlogs, reviews, real estate, makeup, weight loss, and pets. In addition, there are some niche selections; therefore, you do not have to worry about setting for something that is not in line with your content.
Step 2: Personalize your template

You have chosen the design you want to go for. Now, it is time to make some modifications so that it suits your brand and content. You don’t need to own any technical skills and download anything onto your PC. Everything is convenient on the server and a drag-and-drop builder; therefore, it does not take much time to finish everything.You can make more particular changes, like altering the fonts, resizing elements, and changing the text. You also add new elements if you want.

Step 3: Publish your thumbnail

The last step is clicking the publish button. After you hit publish button, the AI automatically updates a new thumbnail for your video.In any circumstances, your thumbnail is ensured to attract many audiences successfully. Moreover, you can download a JPG version of the image and upload it.


Main Features Of Thumbnail Blaster

Main Features
Main Features Of Thumbnail Blaster
Main Features Of Thumbnail Blaster

Here are some main features of Thumbnail Blaster:

  • It contains over 100 awesome templates: It includes all-purpose templates and clickbait. Users can use these templates for their niche. It aids them in creating more audiences for their videos.
  • It allows users to create attention-grabbing and mind-blowing thumbnails. They do not have to know how to use photo editing tools like photoshop or other complicated devices. Thumbnail Blaster is easy to use, even for starters.
  • Drag and drop feature: Users can drag and drop images, resize the image, change the text’s size, add new elements, etc. Users can customize everything without having design skills with the push of a button.
  • Design various elements: Users don’t need to spend the amount of money on buying designing components or stock photos. Thumbnail Blaster has a library of templates where users receive high-quality elements and images.
  • Directly publish thumbnails to YouTube: It is very easy to post a new and striking thumbnail quickly to YouTube with the push of a button.
  • Automatic making creates three times more traffic; therefore, more views to the videos and finally attracting more leads.
  • The image analyzer helps users upload thumbnails for their videos quickly. The feature analyzes everything asked for in their thumbnail.
  • A split test: It helps users make a test between two thumbnails in one video. The software alters the thumbnail and keeps track, allowing users to choose the thumbnail with the best results.
  • Vimeo integration: This product works well with Vimeo; thus, users can use it to create video thumbnails for social media, such as Facebook or Instagram. They can download the standalone thumbnail files, alter them until they please, and upload them.

Who Should Use Thumbnail Blaster?

Who Should Use It?

The Thumbnail Blaster is created for email and video marketers, SEO companies, social media marketers, MMO agencies, and designers. This product allows users to offer customized thumbnails to their customers without devoting too much effort and time. You also get attractive thumbnails that will generate traffic for your video.


Thumbnail Blaster Review: Pros And Cons

Pros & Cons
  • This product is convenient to use.
  • It is cloud-based.
  • Its simple drag-and-drop features promote a friendly user interface.
  • This program has an extensive library of design elements.
  • It has more than a hundred built-in templates.
  • It possesses an artificial intelligent image analyzer.
  • With the pro version, you can access an extended license.
  • The program has a split-test module that aids users in reducing their working time.
  • This program requires many upgrades.
  • You can get access to full benefits only from upsells.

Thumbnail Blaster Price

Thumbnail Blaster Only $36.86 to create attention-grabbing thumbnails
100.000+ fully customizable icons & design elements.
The secret method to rank thumbnails on the #1st page of google in 60 secs.

Is Thumbnail Blaster Legit?

Is Thumbnail Blaster Legit?
Is Thumbnail Blaster Legit?
Is Thumbnail Blaster Legit?

Thumbnail Blaster is legit. The application is licensed and has positive reviews from users who have bought it. Moreover, it was created by a group of highly trusted and well-known people in web development. Additionally, this product offers a 60-day money-back warranty, ensuring that your buying is protected.

If you are seeking a tool that helps create appealing thumbnails, Thumbnail Blaster is a perfect option. With the artificial intelligence of this product, you can automate numerous processes and make things easier. Moreover, you have the selection of splitting testing your choices. This implies you can seek the most relevant thumbnail depending on accurate results rather than guesswork. This product has an affordable price and will not distract you from work. Additionally, with the money-back warranty policy, you don’t have to worry about wasting or losing your money. WhichChoose hopes this blog has been helpful in letting you know about the Thumbnail Blaster review before buying this product.

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