Videly Reviews: Is It Good?

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Studies show that people today prefer watching visual content to scanning raw text. It’s obvious to see this because now we are having Tiktok. But that will never deny the significant impact of Youtube, where people live up to videos of longer duration. While attempting to rank your videos on this platform, what solution do you have? To discover it, check out our Videly Reviews in this blog. WhichChoose will dig into a tool that claims to help you optimize your video rankings.

videly reviews
Videly Reviews

What Is Videly?

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Highlight Features
Niche & Keyword Research
Automatic SEO
Rank Tracker
Cloud-based Software
Key Benefits
Ranking videos high on Youtube & Google
Improving content for SEO
Recommending trending topics
Keeping track of performance regularly

Videly is a one-stop software that provides everything needed to optimize video ranking on Youtube, and thus, Google. The tool works based on SEO principles to draw organic traffic to your videos without backlinks.

Additionally, Videly is created for everyone who desires more viewers for their Youtube videos. Whatever level you are in Digital Marketing, you can use this tool hassle-free. It just covers all the work for you and will also be your expert.

This Videly review will look at the main features to know what’s in it for you.


Main Features Of Videly Reviews

Main Features
Main Features Of Videly Reviews
Main Features Of Videly Reviews

With access to Videly, you will be able to use many features that amp up your ranking and video creation. Let’s break down the most prominent features from top to bottom.

Niche AnalysisThe tool helps to find top competitors in your niche and analyze their rankings.
It’s the most valuable feature here because it reminds you of how things are going in your niche, what the trends are, and what you can learn from others to level up your video ranking positions.
Keyword DiscoveryVidely can be meaningless without this feature. Because it works on SEO to boost Youtube video rankings, it has to provide you with potential keywords.
How does the tool do it? Whenever you enter a primary keyword in the search bar, it drops down a list of related keywords. Also, each keyword indicates its monthly search volume and the average number of views. 
Automatic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)The tool offers software that automatically has all your video elements (Title, Description, and Tags) SEO-optimized. It simply shows where exactly to improve so your videos can attain higher rankings on both Youtube and Google. 
Rank TrackingTired of manually checking the ranking of your videos on Youtube and Google? Videly’s rank tracker gives you all data on your video ranking regularly. Specifically, you will know how long your video has ranked, what position it is ranking, and how many likes/comments/shares/views each has attained. 
Trending TopicsThere is nothing scarier than getting out of touch with the world. I mean – the world of social media. Mainly when producing high-quality content today, you somehow have to follow up with trendy topics, or else no one will be interested in what you try to convey. Videly can send you hints of trending content to spice up your Youtube channel.
Cloud StorageVidely is responsible for all tasks and materials for your video publishing. As a result, it stores them in its cloud software, so you don’t have to worry about widening the space for data storage yourself.
Performance ReportYes. You get regular video performance reports from this tool. Such a report will let you know the negative and positive factors that have impacted your rankings and what elements to improve. You’ll also have an overall insight into the performance in a particular timeline.
Publishing ScheduleAfter uploading a video to this tool, you can set a future date for it to get automatically published. This saves you lots of time and prevents you from publishing new content for personal reasons. 
Video EditorVidely has a built-in video editor to help you create short videos faster and easier. But there are only simple functions like adding/cutting/duplicating images and shots. It’s the least used feature in Videly, but it can be beneficial under specific circumstances.

How Does Videly Work?

How Does Videly Work?
How Does Videly Work?
As a newcomer to Videly, you may be overwhelmed by its functions. So, follow these basic steps first to learn how it typically works. Also, Videly reviews say that once you are adept at using the tool, you’ll see endless benefits.
Step 1: Find the right keywords

Keywords play a key role in every effort to optimize your content for brighter rankings. In the first step, head into the Keywords tool, enter your main keyword (the one you want to rank for) and let the tool do its magic.The tool will give you a list of related keywords to rank along with the primary keyword.

Step 2: Optimize Video Title, Description, and Tags

Once you have picked the keywords from the previous step, let Videly work on great titles, descriptions, and tags.The AI does it automatically and ensures giving you the titles, descriptions, and tags that perfectly fit your niche.

Step 3: Upload the video
Videly has done almost everything for you until this step. The last thing is to apply the SEO-optimized title, description, and tags to your video and start uploading it on Youtube.

Who Could Benefit From Videly?

Who Is It For?
Who Could Benefit From Videly?
Who Could Benefit From Videly?

Videly is made for anyone interested in becoming a Youtube Vlogger or simply making viral content on this platform. To use this app, you don’t have to be an experienced Youtuber or SEO marketer.

It’s not an app with complicated functioning. All you have to do is pick generated keywords, apply them back to the tool, and watch improvements. You see, the tool has a simple interface with valuable features. 

You can start making videos and make them rank first and second on Youtube with Videly. Not to mention, if you want to take advantage of your high-ranking videos for real profits, this tool will be worth your investment.


Videly Reviews: Pros And Cons

Pros & Cons

Every coin has two sides. While we love to admit that Videly is pretty worthwhile, we feel the need to pinpoint its adverse aspects as well.

  • Saves all of your work on its Cloud.
  • Cheap, compared to a marketing agency or freelancer service.
  • The interface is optimized to make user interaction least hassle-free.
  • It researches potential keywords that fit your niche perfectly.
  • Doesn’t have the power to make your videos rank higher overnight.
  • There is no free trial with Videly, which may put customers at risk.

How Much Does Videly Cost?


The original price is $188. However, because Videly offers a 75% discount, you can now buy this tool for just $47 for lifetime access. No recurring fees are required. Also, you will be guaranteed to get a refund within 30 days if you’re not satisfied with the product.

Videly 75% OFF
Youtube video optimization
Cloud-based software
Great tool for beginners
30-day refund policy

Where To Buy Videly?

Where To Buy?

We recommend you buy Videly from its official website here. In fact, any Videly review will do the same thing. That’s because there are many scams online these days. You don’t want to put yourself at risk by buying from other websites or someone you have no idea about.


Is Videly Legit?

Is Videly Legit?

Videly is a legit software that helps you build a robust Youtube channel of videos ranking high. There are many similar tools on the market today. But the reasons for you to choose this Videly can be many.

We have read various Videly reviews online, and we can see why people opt for this platform. Below indicates the general feedback on this tool that we find noteworthy:

  • The tool is a real deal. Customers had used this software for only one week to see their video appear on Google page 1 for several niche long-tail keywords.
  • They wouldn’t mind being an affiliate for this software.
  • There is no trial. But since everything has been smooth, most customers don’t feel regret.
  • They appreciate customer support.

In a nutshell, Videly is worthwhile for anyone who wants to increase the current traffic to their Youtube videos and make money from them. It’s essential to develop great content ideas and produce them regularly to pique the audience’s attention. While you are busy with that job, this tool optimizes your videos to reach as many audiences as possible. Most Videly reviews have shown this tool does it efficiently and eases the process of maximizing profits online. Note again that the tool is for everyone, including you! WhichChoose hopes this review has been helpful.

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