Wood Profits Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

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If you are a carpenter, you already know how woodwork has always been to generate money. Besides conventional efforts to gain profits with your carpentry, there are new ways to propel you to the top of woodworking sales. WoodProfits is the book that claims to teach you these ways. But this book could be just a bundle of theories; is it worth your money after all? WhichChoose will show you the best answer below.

WoodProfits Review
WoodProfits Review

What Is Wood Profits?


WoodProfits is the name of an ebook written on how to startup with woodworking by Jim Margan. The book claims to help you earn around $5000 per month by selling your woodworking projects online.

This book combines skills and helpful tips to get your business done brilliantly in the shortest way possible. But, as earlier said, it is not a tangible product. Once you want it, you need to make your payment and get a download link afterward.

There are both negative and positive reviews of Jim’s book online. Some say WoodProfits is a scam, while many who have used the book claim its authenticity. Whether it can be trusted or not, it is always too soon to conclude until you actually use it or hear from someone reliable. That’s why we did this WoodProfits review, and we will show you everything you need to know about the book. Now, let’s see how Jim’s guidelines can help you achieve instant success with your woodworking.

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Key Offerings
Wood Profits
Wood Profits
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Highlight Benefits
Helps you start your woodworking business
Gives you tips and ideas on making maximum money from online woodworking projects
Offers a good foundation for aspiring woodworkers
Key Offerings
Downloadable books + MP3 audio
Complete how-to instructions
One-on-one email coaching
60-day money-back guarantee

How Does Wood Profits Work?

How Does It Work?

Wood Profits teaches you how to grow your woodworking business with an ebook in both text and audio form. That way, the author wanted to ensure that as many people as possible could approach his guide. 

There are 53 pages with all information about scaling up your carpentry business. You will also learn valuable lessons from the ups and downs of the author’s career. Alongside, he points out many tips he has found genuinely helpful to get up and start everything on your own. He pinpoints every single step to reach your dream income in a very digestible way.


Who Is Wood Profits For?

Who Is Wood Profits For?

This training program is literally for anyone, including those without experience in woodworking. It sounds odd, but it is a fact.

Jim designed this book to help people get more money even when they haven’t had any woodworking projects. You might find that unbelievable, but that is true. Believe it or not, there is a comprehensive chapter in the book that emphasizes steps to make money on other woodworkers’ projects. And it is entirely ethical. 

In a nutshell, who are you to use this book? Our answer: whoever you are. You can be an expert, amateur, experienced woodworker, or someone without skills in making wooden stuff. The author has claimed that you can start everything with an “empty hand” by learning from this training program.


What is Included in the Wood Profits Program?

What is Included?
What is Included in the Wood Profits Program?
What is Included in the Wood Profits Program?

The core content in WoodProfits is written throughout 600 woodworking plans. These plans should teach you almost everything about starting your own wood-crafting business. 

Besides, there are additional helpful courses that require extra fees to access. We are breaking them down below.

  • Upsell 1: This is the $29 VIP Upgrade package. You will find craft plans of 150 premium pieces of furniture in it and 1000 documents to download. There are also 125 articles in PDF format within.
  • Upsell 2: This is the $39 WoodProfits accelerator. It includes 120 pages in terms of traditional furniture and advanced selling techniques. If you are interested in wood joinery, you will also find something valuable here.
  • Upsell 3: This $49 package provides up-to-date woodworking magazines that will give you overall trends and updates in the field.

Wood Profits Review: The Pros And Cons

Pros & Cons
  • Comprehensive guidelines for woodworking startups.
  • Beneficial tips to achieve massive money as a woodworker.
  • Suitable for everyone, including beginners.
  • Available in the formats of text documents and audio.
  • Helpful support team.
  • Affordable price for its value.
  • You can download the book via the link or get it as hard copies.
  • Assured with a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • There is a lot to learn so you may be disappointed at first.
  • You have to pay additional fees for extra guides.

Is Wood Profits Legit?

Is Wood Profits Legit?

As we have researched before doing this WoodProfits review, Wood Profits is not an illegal program. It can be trusted for its refund policy within 60 days from when you receive the product. You will find it more reliable for its sole distributor – ClickBank network. It is a legal company in the US that has worked for decades to serve various online shoppers.

So far, we haven’t detected any risks associated with this woodworking training program. However, there are some real testimonials you might want to read.

Is Wood Profits Legit?
Is Wood Profits Legit?

Wood Profits Review From Real Customers

Customer Reviews

Here are some Wood Profits reviews from real customers:

5Expert Score
Marcus Stephenson (rating on GoodReads)

This book’s author is a genius, in my opinion. Jim can help you set up Etsy accounts, choose a brand name, and create a price list for your products. Another benefit is that you will receive a professional logo. He used basic mathematical analysis to demonstrate how much money you can make with a minimal investment.

5Expert Score
Shelby Jensen (rating on GoodReads)

My spouse and I now own a construction company, but we hope to start a woodworking business as a side project. As a business owner, I already know a lot about marketing strategies, record keeping, and so on. But this book contained a lot of unique, intelligent ideas that I had never heard of before or didn’t realize the importance of specific approaches.

4Expert Score
Jonas Thompson (rating on GoodReads)

As a traditional carpenter, I bought this book in doubt. But then my mind was blown away by it. I am interested in how Jim guided me through every step of the way to start my own business. It seems promising. But after I actually apply them, I will update my review on this training book soon.

In this bottom line, we just want to say that you can confidently go for WoodProfits. This program was made to help you determine what type of woodworking business will suit you and how you can nail it along the way. Even though many sources assume Jim’s guide looks much like a scam, there is not enough evidence to show that it is illegal or unable to work. If you are an aspiring woodworker, try anything you can to chase your dream life. WhichChoose hopes this review has been helpful.

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