Bio Complete 3 Vs Total Restore: What Should You Choose?

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Bloating sucks for anyone, and it should be a big concern because it means you are dealing with unhealthy guts. Rest assured. Gundry MD has launched two new products to help promote digestive health and alleviate this problem. But what’s better, Bio Complete 3 vs Total Restore? This seems like a tough comparison because you don’t know if Dr. Gundry is biased in praising one of them. That’s why WhichChoose has done a detailed review of each supplement to guide your buying endeavor in this post. Scroll down for more!

Bio Complete 3 Vs Total Restore
Bio Complete 3 Vs Total Restore

Bio Complete 3 Vs Total Restore: Overview

Product Info
Overall Rating
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Bio Complete 3
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Product Info
Brand: Gundry MD.
Focus: Dietary supplement.
Amount: 120 capsules/bottle.
Improves overall gut health.
Promotes weight loss.
Relieves constipation, gas, and bloating.
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total restore
Total Restore
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Product Info
Brand: Gundry MD.
Focus: Dietary supplement.
Amount: 120 capsules/bottle.
Strengthens gut lining.
Restores leaky guts.
Helps with weight loss.
Alleviates bloating.
Overall Rating

1.1. Bio Complete 3

Bio Complete 3 is a dietary gut supplement that boosts the strength of your immune system by flourishing your gut with prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics. This “biotic family” is backed by scientists to provide us with more positive bacteria that protect guts from the harm of bad bacteria.

Once you reach a perfect balance of bacteria in your gut with Bio Complete 3, you can achieve

  • Protection from digestion problems,
  • Considerable reduction in craving for unhealthy food,
  • Natural weight loss,
  • Fatigue-free state of well-being.

1.2. Total Restore

Total Restore is a gut supplement from Dr. Gundr. It targets improving gut lining and helps you avoid leaky guts which is the underlying cause of most digestive conditions. 

For example, suppose your gastrointestinal tract includes a large amount of impermeable tissue. In that case, it can allow harmful substances to pass through your body without being adequately neutralized by other organs.

Therefore, with Total Restore, you will gain these primary benefits:

  • Healthy gut lining — your robust defense from toxic substances
  • Bloating reduction
  • Improved mental health
  • Less craving for junk food

We have walked you through an overview of these two gut supplements. While Bio Completely 3 boosts overall gut health with its biotic formula, Total Restore has the most impact on gut lining improvement. 

Let’s see what their ingredients are to build such a difference between them.


Bio Complete 3 Vs Total Restore: Ingredients

Bio Complete 3 Vs Total Restore: Ingredients
Bio Complete 3 Vs Total Restore: Ingredients

2.1. Bio Complete 3

This supplement contains six components in which the first three are the main ones. They all are:

  • Prebiotics: This substance feeds our good bacteria and makes them grow to fight against bad bacteria. If you take prebiotics regularly, it means you’re creating a powerful wall to protect your guts from damage and a hale immune system.
  • Probiotics: This makes up our beneficial gut microbiome. Probiotics are actually good bacteria that we need to build a strong army in the gut to protect from bad bacteria. Higher levels of probiotics mean you have great gut health.
  • Postbiotics: This biotic type is what good bacteria produce, which is a short-chain fatty acid. Typically, it is a non-essential nutrient that improves overall gut health and restores weakened gut lining in some way.
  • Sunfiber: A type of prebiotic that promotes healthy microbiome bacteria and regulates constipation. 
  • Tributyrin: A type of probiotic also known as a short-chained fatty acid. It helps produce cells in your guts, prevent inflammations and maintain a strong intestinal lining.
  • Bacillus Coagulans: This substance gives good bacteria a robust cover to protect themself from harsh environments. Once the bacteria is strong, it has the power to alleviate irritable bowel syndrome, gas, and constipation. 

2.2. Total Restore

Now let’s have a look at Total Restore’s ingredients to know what exactly it offers and whether they are more impressive than Bio Complete 3’s.

  • N-acetyl D-glucosamine: This substance is responsible for absorbing lectins, which stick to our gut lining and cause damage. It also has some extra effect on joint pain relief.
  • PepZin GI™: This is a combination of L-carnosine and Zinc that plays a key role in relaxing and strengthening the gut lining.
  • Licorice root extract: This herb extract is also appreciated for promoting gut health. It also enhances your digestive functioning.
  • L-Glutamine: It’s a type of amino acid that essentially soothes the gut lining and lowers your interest in unhealthy food.

In a nutshell, both supplements offer the same benefit of supporting gut health, weight loss, and good daily energy. However, Bio Complete 3 is much more likely to embrace an overall effect on guts, while Total Restore only targets gut-lining health with only such ingredients. 

So, Bio Complete 3 vs Total Restore — the answer must depend on further factors we will discuss below. But in case you just care about its genuine benefits over your gut based on the ingredients, Bio Complete 3 obviously has the upper hand over Total Restore.


Bio Complete 3 Vs Total Restore: Price


3.1. Bio Complete 3

The price for Bio Complete 3 is broken down as follows:

  • One bottle (120 capsules) costs $69.65
  • Three bottles (360 capsules) cost $188.85 (Save $21.00)
  • Six bottles (720 capsules) cost $353.70 (Save $66.00)
Bio Complete 3 Lower price when buying a bulk
Effective biotic formula.
Improves overall gut health.
Promotes weight loss.

3.2. Total Restore

The price of Total Restore is precisely the same as Bio Complete 3. Both have a 90-day money-back guarantee and offer lower prices to VIP members. Hence, there is nothing to compare these two supplements regarding prices. 

That could mean that Dr. Gundry put the same value into both supplements. But anyway, you shouldn’t have to make your purchase only based on the pricing. Read more to know if each one has any side effects.

Total Restore Lower price when buying a bulk
Effective ingredients for gut lining repair.
Promotes weight loss.

Bio Complete 3 Vs Total Restore: Side Effects

Side Effects
Bio Complete 3 Vs Total Restore: Side Effects
Bio Complete 3 Vs Total Restore: Side Effects

4.1. Bio Complete 3

Bio Complete 3 is both clinically tested and reported by customers to show no dangerous side effects. In rare cases, however, there may be minor side effects such as bloating or diarrhea in the first week. 

The advice here is — don’t rush with a new dietary supplement. More importantly, this is the first time you have ever had a dietary supplement, just take it slowly and increase the dose gradually with time. 

If you’re on drugs or meds while taking supplements, you must also be careful because some unwanted interactions may appear. You should better seek medical advice before consuming more supplements in that situation.

4.2. Total Restore

Because the same brand makes both Total Restore and Bio Complete 3 — Gundry MD, they are assured not to cause risky effects. So, every explanation about Total Restore’s side effects is the same as what we have mentioned in the above section.


Total Restore Vs. Bio Complete 3: Customer Reviews on Amazon

Customer Reviews

5.1. Bio Complete 3

Bio Complete 3 receives an overall rating score at 4/5 stars on Amazon. About 57% of this rating comes from customers who gave it five out of five stars. That means there are both positive and negative reviews. Let’s see what these real users say about it.

5Expert Score
Oris J Watkins Jr

Bio Complete 3 cured my chronic indigestion and restored regular bowel movements within three weeks. I now take it daily, having reliable daily bowel movements and no indigestion. It is a little pricey, but well worth it for me.

5Expert Score

I have irritable bowel syndrome, which gives me severe diarrhea. The gastroenterologist has been unable to help me. I tried Bio Complete 3, and after three months of use, my diarrhea is gone! I have been taking it for about a year now, and it is still working well!! The only drawback is the cost.

3Expert Score

I have seen my bowel movements become more regular but have not seen any weight changes. I did this “in case” I had a leaky gut as I have arthritis in places I didn’t before. I was trying to see if this would help.

4Expert Score
Cynthia Bartman

It does seem to help with my cravings. I no longer have a sweet tooth. That is truly a miracle. I use the privy more frequently. It appears to have benefited me.

5Expert Score
Heather Stefanel

I only started about a week ago. I haven’t noticed much of a difference in the bathroom, but I haven’t had a single stomach cramp since taking it, which is a HUGE deal for me because I’ve had intense painful stomach cramps on a daily basis since I was a child. I’m going to keep going and see what happens.

5.2. Total Restore

About 57% of the rating on Total Restore, is five out of five. This number is nearly equal to Bio Complete 3 but not higher. Let’s see what real users say and how they feel about it.

5Expert Score
Sharon J Lang

After trying about every probiotic on the market for my bowel issues, I tried this one. I cannot tell you that my bowels only felt this great 40 years ago. Highly recommend them!

5Expert Score
Beth T

It helps with my digestion. I have a very sensitive digestive system and often have diarrhea. This supplement regulates it.

3.5Expert Score
David D

I didn’t really notice any detectable difference when taking Total Restore with my normal regimen of supplements, vs just taking my normal regimen of supplements without Total Restore. Same energy, mood, focus, etc. 

4Expert Score

Yes to pain relief! I believe this product is overpriced! The most remarkable aspect is that it works! There will be no more stomach growling in public. It is worthwhile to give it a shot! I really like it and will see if I can get it in bulk!!

4Expert Score

I have had some problems since I was a kid and had given up on getting them fixed. After a month of using this product, my problem cleared up. I still have to use the product daily or it will flare up. I wish they would lower the price by about 50% but it is still a good product. 

So, Bio Complete 3 vs Total Restore — What should you choose? We’ll recommend Bio Complete 3. 

Based on our comparison, there are obvious reasons to conclude that this supplement ultimately outweighs Total Restore. Again, Bio Complete 3 does an excellent job of producing and nurturing good bacteria, which is vital in improving and protecting your gut from harmful conditions.

If you’re dealing with unhealthy guts and irritable bowel symptoms, you should look for products like these two supplements. But Bio Complete 3 vs Total Restore – what is a better option? The answer may also depend on your needs, among many factors considered in this post. However, in any case, we think that good bacteria are a must in curing any gut-related problems. Take Bio Complete 3 for your first shot as a gut supplement, and see the difference in a few weeks! WhichChoose hopes this blog has been helpful.

Bio Complete 3 Vs Total Restore: What Should You Choose?
Bio Complete 3 Vs Total Restore: What Should You Choose?
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