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If you desire to learn how to sing online, you have heard about Singorama. In this Singorama review, WhichChoose will take an in-depth look at how it works, who should buy it, the pros, cons, and costs.

singorama review
Singorama Review
singorama review
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What Is Singorama?

About Product

Singorama 2.0 is a vocal training course made by Melanie Alexander. It includes 28 audio lessons, new songs, training exercises to aid you in applying the new techniques you learn, helpful software, and a pdf workbook compiled together into one easy-to-follow program suitable for intermediate-level singers and beginners.

This program concentrates on developing techniques, styles, and other essential aspects that make you a good singer. The technical lessons relate to a detailed training regimen that will assist you in gaining bridged vocalization, greater singing agility, and a powerful sound, along with other crucial musical training like the minor and major keys, pitch, timing, and rhythm.

Besides the technical vocal lessons, the Singorama also aids with other obstacles that may hinder you from gaining your full potential as a vocalist. These consist of singing habits, stage anxiety, and working with a band to avoid and learning to compose your songs.


How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?
How Does It Work?
How Does It Work?

After buying the course, you immediately log in to the training site to see what is in it.

Firstly, you are greeted with a welcome video by Melanie.

Secondly, you quickly find out that this signing course is entirely audio-based. Each lesson and exercise is an audio mp3 file, which seems a little weak on the surface.

However, when you start listening to the 28 lessons in the Getting Started module, you are impressed by the teaching quality of each exercise and mp3 lesson.


Who Is Suitable For Singorama?

Who Should Use?

Singorama is for beginners who just started and hope to learn how to sing and intermediate-level learners who want to refine their singing technique.

This course teaches students how to improve their vocal quality comprehensively and quickly. This will rapidly aid beginners in progressing with their vocal training; the singing software and exercises will be helpful to intermediate-level singers who desire to improve and advance their craft. If you already own advanced skills, Singorama is not suitable for you.


What Does the Program Include?

What Is Inside?
How Does It Work?
How Does It Work?

The Complete Package for Vocal Training

Here are the training and lessons, including:

  • Breathing.
  • Strengthening the voice, warm-ups.
  • Extending the vocal range.
  • Pursuing a singing career.
  • Performing on stage.

Moreover, this program supplies you with original Singorama training ebooks for advanced singers and beginners, further explaining the concepts taught in the program.

You will listen to the Getting Started lessons if you desire to learn the exact technique. If you desire to start implementing, you will go to the Vocal Exercise module.


The Highest-quality Audio Lessons and Trainings

Singorama is strong enough to make this training program entirely based on high-quality mp3 pieces of training and lessons in this visual-based internet age. When you listen to the lessons, you are attracted by the vocal delivery of the teacher, understandably explaining the complicated singing concepts.

The audio recording quality of the mp3 lessons is great and soothes your ears to listen. You can experience them in advance by downloading them on the site.


Bonus Modules and Software

The excellent software they supply for free is Perfect Your Pitch which you can use to practice your pitch certainty. Moreover, another feature is that Singorama gives original songs in separate tracks of the music, vocals, and full mix for students to practice and learn.


Singorama Review: The Pros And Cons

Pros & Cons
  • The training platform is easy-to-use and simple.
  • This program provides the most extensive and comprehensive instructions.
  • Its training and audio lessons are of the highest-quality mp3 recordings.
  • These are easy to listen to.
  • This program includes important aspects of singing, from basic training to performing on stage.
  • This program is excellent for intermediate-level singers and beginners.
  • It is created by a real professional singer Melanie Alexander.
  • This program provides extensive bonus modules with ebooks, software, and tools.
  • This program is very reasonable, with a 60-day money-back warranty.
  • This program has a poor design for the training site.
  • Vocal training and exercises are geared more towards women students.
  • Its instructions can be too easy and basic for advanced students.
  • Vocal exercises don’t cover a big enough range to challenge students.

How Much Does Singorama Cost?

The Price
Singorama Best Values
For Digital Download: $67 (one-time fee).
For Inner Circle Platinum Members: $27/ month.
Money-back warranty: 60 days. 

Singorama Review By Real Customers 

Real Customers Review

Here are the Singorama customer reviews that you can refer to before purchasing this product:

5Expert Score

My name is Madi. I am fond of music and have been singing since I was a baby in the crib. I used to have a little problem with my range and breathing. I was searching on the Internet and came across Singorama. This program helps me to improve my vocals. Thanks a lot, and I highly recommend it!

5Expert Score

I really love singing, and it is almost as easy as breathing. One day, I realized I needed to improve my art. Singorama is an amazing tool because it really makes you a better singer.

5Expert Score

I have always loved singing; however, I never had the confidence to sing in front of many people. I set my mind to gain a goal, and my goal was to sing in the regional choir. I really needed some assistance, although I was like a timid mouse and could not control my voice correctly. My daughter gave me a singing course, Singorama, and I decided to give it a shot. This program was what I needed to provide me with a real insight into how my voice actually works and improve it. I feel thrilled to say that I am a lead vocalist in my choir and could not be more satisfied!

Singorama 2.0 is a complete training program for singing that covers essential vocal techniques, stage performance, and many others. It has clear and detailed guidelines; the audio mp3 files have the highest quality and are easy to listen to. This program is suitable for beginners and intermediated singers. WhichChoose hopes this blog has been helpful in letting you know about the Singorama review before purchasing it.

Singorama Best Values
For Digital Download: $67 (one-time fee).
For Inner Circle Platinum Members: $27/ month.
Money-back warranty: 60 days. 
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