KaChava Vs Truvani Comparison: Which Is Worth Buying?

KaChava vs Truvani: Which is the winner? KaChava asserts that its product is the healthiest and most nutrient-rich drink of its kind. There are over 85+ plant-based nutrients and probiotics in this meal replacement powder.

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You’ve seen the news and the reviews. Now you’re asking yourself, should I get KaChava or Truvani? To make the decision even more difficult, they are different in price. But we are sure our readers want a simple answer, so check out this KaChava vs Truvani comparison from WhichChoose.

KaChava Vs Truvani
KaChava Vs Truvani

KaChava Vs Truvani: Overview

11% OFF + Save $10 each bag
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The ideal meal alternative.
The most effective vegan protein source.
Improve total health.
Help in weight loss.
Vegetarians should try it.
85+ superfoods, nutrients & plant-based ingredients.
Vegan-friendly, gluten-free, soy-free.
No preservatives.
No artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners.
Anyone, especially vegetarians and bodybuilders.
Free gifts
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Meet your protein needs easily.
Get enough energy for muscle growth.
Free shipping.
30 days money-back guarantee.
Non-GMO, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free.
All organic ingredients.
Easy way to get adequate protein.
Anyone, especially vegetarians.

1.1. KaChava

KaChava is a high-protein, high-fiber smoothie powder. It is a plant-based superfood [1] “full body meal.” The meal replacement powder has 85 components, several of which are “superfoods.”

KaChava combines plant protein, super greens, omega fatty acids [2], MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides), vitamins, minerals, fiber, mushrooms, adaptogen herbs, probiotics, antioxidant berries [3], and more. You can mix the powder with water, oat milk, vegan milk substitutes, or another beverage and drink it daily to boost your health.

1.2. Truvani

Truvani plant-based protein powder is organic, non-GMO, and stevia-free. It is created without fillers, artificial substances, preservatives, and additives, so you receive a clean product with nutritional benefits.

Truvani was founded by a team of healthy food and supplement experts who couldn’t find the items they wanted. This company guarantees a complete refund if a customer complains about the product, no questions asked. You may try the product without worry.


KaChava Vs Truvani: Main Features

KaChava Vs Truvani: Main Features
KaChava Vs Truvani: Main Features

2.1. Nutrition

Ka’Chava nutrition overview:

Factors KaChava Shakes
Kcal/meal 240
Macros (Carbs/Protein/Fat) 33/41/26
Features Gluten free (GF), Soy free (SF), Egg free (EF)
Non-GMO Yes
Artificial Sweeteners No
Synthetic Additives Yes
Organic Mostly
Includes Probiotics Yes
Vegan Yes
Keto No
Contains All Micronutrients Yes

Truvani nutrition overview:

Factors Vanilla
(1 Scoop – 29g)
Peanut Butter
(1 Scoop – 36g)
(1 Scoop – 33g)
(1 Scoop – 31g)
Calories 130 150 130 140
Total Fat 3g (4%) 4g (5%) 3g (4%) 3g (4%)
Carbohydrate 5g (2%) 6g (2%) 5g (2%) 7g (3%)
Protein 20g (28%) 21g (27%) 20g (27%) 20g (28%)
Cholesterol 0mg (0%) 0mg (0%) 0mg (0%) 0mg (0%)
Sodium 220mg (10%) 220mg (10%) 220mg (10%) 220mg (10%)

 2.2. Taste

Ka’Chava currently has five tastes: Chocolate, Vanilla, Chai, Coconut Acai, and Matcha. Here are some feature products of KaChava:

KaChava Vanilla 11% OFF + save $10 each bag
Dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free.
Vanilla flavor.
Replace a full meal.
KaChava Chocolate 11% OFF + save $10 each bag
Chocolate flavor.
Soy-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free.
Replace a full meal.
KaChava Matcha 11% OFF + save $10 each bag
Gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free.
Match flavor.
Replace a full meal.

Truvani Plant-Based Protein Powder comes in Vanilla, Banana Cinnamon, Chocolate, and Chocolate Peanut Butter. You may find recipes for brownies, popsicles, and ice cream that use their protein powder on their website.

It mixes with everything.
Never clumpy, never chalky or anything.
Drink it as chocolate milk.
No preservatives.
No artificial colors.
No artificial sweeteners.
Use real food and keep it pure.
Greens without fillers.
Greens combined with protein.
Greens that actually taste great.

2.3. Ingredients:

The table below will show the main ingredients inside each pack of KaChava and Truvani:

KaChava Truvani
  • Plant protein blend [4]: organic sacha inchi protein, yellow pea protein, organic whole grain, brown rice protein, organic amaranth, and organic quinoa.
  • Adaptogen blend [5]: organic maca root, organic shiitake mushroom, organic maitake mushroom, organic reishi mushroom, organic ginger, organic cordyceps mushroom.
  • Antioxidant/super-fruit blend: organic coconut flower nectar, açai berry, Camu berry, organic blueberry, organic tart cherry, organic blackberry, organic strawberry, organic maqui berry, organic raspberry.
  • Omega EFA/fiber blend: chia seeds, flax seeds, organic pure whole grain oat, organic acacia gum.
  • Super-grains/vegetable blend: organic beetroot, chlorella, organic moringa (matcha flavor only), organic kale, organic broccoli, etc.
  • Pre and probiotic blends: inulin, lactobacillus rhamnosus, lactobacillus acidophilus.
  • Digestive enzyme blend: amylase, protease, cellulase, lactase, lipase.
  • Vitamin & mineral blend (25 different vitamins and minerals): vitamins A, C, D, E, B1, B2, B6, B12, B9, B12, B5, calcium, iron, phosphorus, iodine, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, chromium, molybdenum, chloride, sodium, potassium.
  • Organic chia seed protein concentrate: These seeds are heart-healthy because they contain omega-3 fatty acids and quercetin. This component absorbs water, making the powder thick when blended.
  • Organic vanilla powder: This ingredient can add a sweet and delicious flavor.
  • Organic pumpkin seed concentrate: They have protein, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals like zinc, magnesium, and vitamin K. These vitamins help skin health, wound healing, blood pressure regulation, and the immune system.
  • Organic pea protein concentrate: Yellow peas have a low glycemic index, so they won’t cause your blood sugar to increase.
  • Organic monk fruit extract: It is a natural sweetener with zero sugar that does not affect blood sugar levels. This delicious substance is used in tiny amounts.

KaChava Vs Truvani: Pros And Cons

Pros & Cons

Let’s compare the pros and cons of KaChava and Truvani:

11% OFF + save $10 each bag
Check Prices
Amazing flavor.
No processed substances, only food. Real food provides most nutrients and phytonutrients.
Quality components. It contains mostly organic, natural food ingredients and no artificial additions.
Community-favorite. 4.8/5 from 16,000+ reviews.
Top-notch. Kachava’s shakes are exceptional.
Superfoods, enzymes, and probiotics.
Pretty expensive.
It doesn’t combine well without a blender.
The new bars aren’t on the product page and are difficult to find.
Free shaker with a subscription.
Free gifts
Check Prices
There are no hidden sugars or toxic metals in this product.
Non-GMO and gluten-free.
130 calories and 20 grams of protein is a great ratio.
Complete protein sourced from plants.
Pure and vegan.
Pricey protein powder.
Some believe it has a strong taste.

KaChava Vs Truvani: Customers Reviews On Amazon

Customer Reviews

Let’s check the customer reviews of KaChava below:

5Expert Score

According to reviews, the taste isn’t bad. Assured. Use a ninja blender to make an excellent shake. Higher watts break the ice to make it smoother. You need a ninja blender, not a regular one. This is better than the costly Shakeology.

5Expert Score

I’ve ordered this twice (both chocolate) and was pleased. I have small and large cup shake mixers, and the smaller, less powerful one mixes shake just well (water, almond milk, dairy milk, silk coffee creamers, combination mixes, etc.). Due to acid reflux and upper GI sensitivities, chocolate can be hard on my stomach. These encounters are minimal as long as I manage my reflux with food and yoga. I’m ordering vanilla next, hoping it won’t affect my GI troubles. I will continue to use the product and explore new flavors since the health advantages are worth it. It improved my morning energy, decreased my appetite, and helped me drop 10 pounds in 3 months after surgery last year. I’ll support Ka’Chava until something stops me, hopefully never.

5Expert Score
Kathy Ku

Wow! The best-tasting protein powder! I’ve tasted it. My sister, who’s tried Isagenix and other kinds, said, “Mmmmm!!! Wow, it’s delicious! I have increased energy (less brain fog), regular solid poops (a life changer for me since half my intestines were removed at birth, and I’ve always had diarrhea), and it tricks my head into believing I’m eating a chocolate milkshake when I’m craving sweets. I wish it weren’t so expensive, but for the quality of the ingredients and the fact that I no longer have diarrhea, it’s worth it.

5Expert Score

I bought delicious chocolate. It’s powerful enough to mask other ingredients but not fruit in a smoothie. Not without a blender. You can stir and shake, but the grain will remain on top. Only almond milk. I think it adds to the chocolate’s earthy flavor, so I won’t try it with water. It’s pricey, but I’m saving money by eating less. I’m not a whole new person now that my bases are covered. I’m not overeating because I drink this consistently.

5Expert Score
Marianne Connally

This is my favorite (by far). I adore how CLEAN this fuel burns. I can practically FEEL how it boosts my energy, like burning high-tech fuel. It “holds” me 3-4 hours after breakfast four days a week. At $5 a shake, I’m getting my money’s worth, and I love all the added components. I’ve repeatedly bought this stuff.

Here are some customer reviews for Truvani:

5Expert Score
Elizabeth F.

In the last 50 years, I’ve tried many protein powder companies. Most are terrible and are returned or discarded. This is the first protein powder I’ve used that mixes without a blender or ball. I know I’ve found my favorite as I drink this plant-based protein powder. It left me full and didn’t give me a stomachache like most protein powders. TRUVANI Plant-Based Protein Powder is great.

5Expert Score
Ilana Naidamast

This is the cleanest and best protein powder I’ve ever had. Many clean Protein powders contain Stevia and taste like grass. Chocolate protein powder is rich, fudgy, and delicious. I’m going to test each taste. Lastly, California requires the initiative 65 warning because lead is naturally present. This protein powder passes California’s toughest criterion.

4Expert Score
Lynne Clarcq Russell

This is the first protein powder I’ve ever purchased. I purchased a shaker to shake it manually. A cup of milk, many ice cubes, and some water are frequently added. It was clumpy, but it tasted excellent.

3Expert Score
Mark W. Strube

The bags seal shut when I buy directly from their website. It appears that Amazon is selling damaged items. I have two bags in there now, and neither would close, so I’ll have to move to a ziplock bag. Annoying. Please correct.

3Expert Score
Eco Smile

I like the Truvani protein powder after trying the vanilla and chocolate flavors. The peanut butter version does not taste like peanut butter, which disappointed me. It primarily tastes like chocolate to me. I’m not sure it tastes much different than the chocolate version. Even without a mixer, it blends smoothly.


KaChava Vs Truvani: How Much Is It?


5.1. KaChava

Single purchases and subscriptions to KaChava are both available. With the subscription discount, you can choose between 15, 30, 45, and 60-day delivery intervals and save $10 per bag.

A subscription allows you to suspend, delay, or modify the delivery schedule and alter the service’s quantity and type. Those who are already paying subscribers are the only ones who can buy a shaker bottle.

For a detailed look at the cost with and without a subscription, please refer to the options below:

  • Without a subscription: one package (15 servings): $4.66/meal (or $70 total).
  • With a subscription: A one-month supply of one bag (15 servings): $3.99/meal (or $60 total).
KaChava 11% off + save $10 each bag
Vegan-friendly, gluten-free, soy-free.
85+ superfoods and plant-based nutrients.
Perfect meal replacement.
Highly recommended for vegetarians.

5.2. Truvani

You may buy Truvani from their website for $44.99 once, or $37.49 if you sign up for automatic deliveries. There are 20 servings in each package.

Truvani Free gifts
Meet your protein needs easily.
Non-GMO and gluten-free.
30 days money-back guarantee.

KaChava Vs Truvani: What Should You Choose?

What Should You Choose?

Although Truvani is a winner for being budget-friendly, KaChava claims to be the best protein shake since it is packed with healthy ingredients, including superfoods, enzymes, and probiotics. This product has the potential to boost your overall health in many ways. It’s worth every penny!

This is the toughest battle ever: KaChava vs Truvani because both have their strong selling points, and it’s hard to choose one as a winner. So, you should determine your needs and financial situation before buying any protein shake. WhichChoose still highly recommends KaChava because it is safe to use and focuses on your overall health.


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KaChava Vs Truvani Comparison: Which Is Worth Buying?
KaChava Vs Truvani Comparison: Which Is Worth Buying?
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