Tradeology Review: Is It Legit?

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Tradeology is an online financial education company and forex prediction service, providing a wide range of forex trading items, consisting of forex signals service. You can download these products onto the popular MetaTrader4 platform to create exact trading signals. Let’s read the Tradeology review from WhichChoose for more information!

tradeology review
Tradeology Review

About Tradeology


Tradeology is a web-based financial education company situated in South Africa. It has successfully built itself as neither the cheapest nor the most expensive system supplier and has a middle ground in prices. This implies it is pretty reasonable for anyone who wants to try Tradeology’s forex trading skills. This company provides numerous products that improve trading performance and consists of an indicator-based signals service.

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Tradeology products
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What are The Tradeology Products?

What are The Tradeology Products?
What are The Tradeology Products?
What are The Tradeology Products?
The Tradeology ProductsDetail
Tradeology Free Educational YouTube VideosTradeology provides at least 15 Free YouTube videos to help people know about Forex, from beginners to advanced-level users.
Tradeology’s Forex Duality SystemForex Duality is the latest trading system and Forex prediction from Tradeology. This system includes training and trading elements to execute successful and real-time trades.
Tradeology’s Emphasis On Financial EducationFor each successful system, Tradeology has supplied diverse education and training materials. These have detailed guidelines with trading examples, training videos on their system and indicators, and training videos about the detailed understanding of and guidelines for using the world’s leading FX trading platform, MetaTrader4. Its commitment to education has continued, giving users more helpful information with each new system release and attracting new customers.
Tradeology’s Forex Profit Boost SystemTradeology also provides a system, namely Forex Profit Boost. It contains a welcome video, the download of two system indicators, and how to set up videos. You receive the MT4 video tutorials to ensure you can successfully and quickly use the universal FX trading platform.
The two indicators contain handy sheets that you can download for reference. They also have simple guidelines for creating these entry and exit trading signals. Tradeology claims that the Forex Profit Boost easily applies to any trading time frame and Forex currency. It consists of a detailed guideline manual that contains trading examples.
The two systems gained noticeable success when they were released. You can get them today if you want to give a shot at one of their early indicators.
Tradeology’s Trade Predator SystemWhile Tradeology provides many systems (from the past), two of the recent ones are worth considering. These proprietary indicators cover your MetaTrader 4 platform and offer exact signals on Forex currency pairs that you can trade; one of these is Predator.
Tradeology claims that this system is the best used for one-hour and longer trading time frames. It includes welcome and installation videos when you download the company’s propriety indicator. We like the section that contains a set of video tutorials on how to use the MT4 trading platform. It has a valuable and handy cheat sheet that provides ready reference proofs on using the proprietary indicator and especially detailed guidelines to create entry and exit signals for trades. This system also contains a detailed manual that features trading instances.
What are The Tradeology Products?

What Is The Pros And Cons Of Tradeology?

Pros & Cons
  • Forex Duality has released systems for over 10 years and has tuned its efforts over time.
  • This company has created more than 30 systems.
  • The systems supplied by Tradeology are at a mid-tier price point, which is reasonable for many people.
  • The new system promises a flawless track record; however, users haven’t verified how successful Forex Duality is.

Tradeology Review By Customers

Customer Reviews

Here are some of Tradeology’s customer reviews that you can refer to:

5Expert Score

I think Tradeolofy is a worthwhile site. After signing up, you receive videos and articles on different strategies via a gradual autoresponder email. I doubt any strategy is sufficient because of a proper stand-alone system; however, many are helpful and can be good at establishing blocks for your system. These articles and videos are free. I would say it is better than some of the low-cost e-books out there, and I give it 5 stars!

5Expert Score

Tradeology provides many good lessons; these are understandable and easy to use. It is possible to make more alerts depending on this strategy or technique.

5Expert Score

Tradeology’s free products are better than most products you purchase on the market. I highly recommend it to beginners who need some trading education. I’ve recommended it to my clients who want a solid base education but have limited funds. They find the information from Tradeology helpful to start trading Forex.

Tradeology is one of the well-known financial education and trading prediction suppliers. It supplies various products to different categories of traders and provides three main products: Forex Duality System, Forex Profit Boost, and Trade Predator. These resources are necessary if you desire to grow your trading career to the next level. Hopes this article from WhichChoose brings the valuable information you are looking for.

Tradeology Best Values
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