Medical Guardian Vs Life Alert: Which One Is Better?

Medical Guardian vs Life Alert: Which one is better? Medical Guardian is a better one because it features five high-tech systems, while Life Alert has a Master Unit and two add-ons for home and mobile protection.

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Don’t ignore this blog from WhichChoose about the Medical Guardian vs Life Alert comparison if you are looking for an outstanding medical alert system for your senior. These are two big names in this industry, and they can help so many seniors access first aid or call emergency health care services. Here is everything you need to know before buying one of them.

Medical Guardian Vs Life Alert
Medical Guardian Vs Life Alert

Medical Guardian Vs Life Alert: Overview

Medical Guardian
Medical Guardian
50% OFF
Check Prices
Monitor your activities 24/7.
Based on your GPS and wifi connection.
Easy-to-carry with mobile capabilities.
Contains a fall direction function.
No contracts.
No hidden fees.
Free activation.
Free equipment.
Return policy for 30 days.
Life Alert
Life Alert
No Current Deal Active
Check Prices
Alert for emergencies outside or in the home.
Monitoring unit keeps plugged in and the personal alarm doesn’t charge.
Two-way voice system.
Free shipping.
3-year minimum contract.
Return policy only applies in the event of a move to a care facility or death.

1.1. Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian is a well-known alert system market leader. It provides in-home, on-the-go, and wristwatch medical alert system coverage in all 50 states and a tiny GPS-enabled wearable gadget.

Its fully customizable packages allow seniors to select the system that best matches their specific needs and lifestyle. With powerful in-home systems and wearable mobile devices with GPS [1] monitoring, technologies are meant to enable customers to achieve the level of freedom they seek. Many optional accessories can be added to any kit, such as lockboxes, voice-activated wall buttons, and fall-alert pendants.

MGMove 50% OFF
Stay safe 24/7
Track your daily progress
Social Circle Apps to stay in touch
5-day battery life
Crystal clear 2-way speaker
Advanced location tracking
Continuous monitoring services
Mobile 2.0 50% OFF
Long-lasting 5-day battery
Advanced hourly location monitoring
Access to the MyGuardian tool
Connects to your landline telephone
1,300 ft of protection
32 hours of backup battery power
  Access to the MyGuardian Portal & App
Home 2.0 50% OFF
Voice Assist Button
4G technology
1,400 ft of protection
Access to the MyGuardian Portal & App

1.2. Life Alert

Life Alert is notable for its enormously successful “help, I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up” advertising, which popularized medical alert systems. This company handles over 2 million calls annually and employs over 600 individuals from its offices in California. With a personal emergency response system, their objective is to keep elderly people comfortable and independent in their homes.

This medical alert system [2] can assist in providing speedier treatment, which could mean the difference between a full recovery and long-term incapacity.

Use at home and on-the-go.
Ideal for those looking for protection on-the-go and in the home.
Use at home.
Ideal for those who need extra protection in the bathroom.

Medical Guardian Vs Life Alert: Features


Here are some highlights features of Medical Guardian and Life Alert:

Features Medical Guardian Life Alert
Connection Landline or Cellular Landline or Cellular
Fall Detection $10 per month No
Spouse Monitoring $2.99 per month Yes
In-Home Range 600-1,300 feet 800 feet
On-the-Go Battery Life
  • 24 hours for Mobile Guardian
  • 2 days for MGMove smartwatch
  • 7 days for Active Guardian and Mini Guardian
10 years
Water-Resistant Help Button Yes Yes
Two-Way Talk Yes Yes
In-Home Backup Battery Life 30-32 hours N/A
GPS Yes Yes
24/7 U.S.-Based Monitoring Yes Yes
ADD-ONS: Wall-Mounted Help Buttons Yes Yes
ADD-ONS: Lockboxes Yes No
Medical Guardian vs Life Alert Features

Medical Guardian Vs Life Alert: Who Is It For?

Who Is It For?

3.1. Medical Guardian

Who is the Medical Guardian ideal for? The target market is individuals with medical issues who are more likely to experience falls. Customers of Medical Guardian can choose automatic fall detection if they have medical issues or memory loss that prevent them from pressing a button for aid. An additional safety net is provided by fall detection for those whose medical conditions lead them to lose consciousness.

3.2. Life Alert

Regarding Life Alert target customers, older people and anyone in danger of falling or experiencing a medical emergency can benefit from personal emergency response devices from Life Alert. Some factors that increase a person’s risk of falling include poor vision, foot pain, certain medications, and problems with walking or balance.


Medical Guardian Vs Life Alert: Pros And Cons

Pros & Cons

Here are some pros and cons of Medical Guardian:

  • Prepaid plans can be canceled at any time with prorated reimbursements.
  • It includes paid fall detection.
  • Family Guardian adds three safety sensors to its base unit and pendant to monitor subscribers’ behavior via a free, secure app.
  • Free spouse monitoring with a second pendant (on Classic Guardian and Home Guardian plans).
  • Prepaying for a 12-month monitoring service gets consumers the lowest monthly pricing, free shipping, and a lockbox.
  • MobileGuardian subscribers must keep a pager-sized device within 350′ of a wrist or pendant call button.
  • The Freedom Guardian (smartwatch) costs $99 plus monthly fees.

Here are some pros and cons of Life Alert:

  • Simple and innovative technology.
  • Value brand reputation.
  • Ideal for on-the-go seniors.
  • Smartwatch-system.
  • Pendant batteries last up to 10 years on the mobile unit.
  • When compared to other top suppliers, it is expensive.
  • A three-year contract is required.
  • There is no fall detection provided.

Life Alert And Medical Guardian: Contract


In terms of the contract, Life Alert and Medical Guardian also have many different points. Check out the table below:

Contract Medical Guardian Life Alert
Long-Term Contract No long-term contract Yes – three years
Optional Monthly Add-Ons Fall detection + $10/month N/A

Medical Guardian Vs Life Alert: The Price


Pay closer attention to the following table about the price of Medical Guardian vs Life Alert.

Types of feeMedical GuardianLife Alert
Starting rate$29.95/month$49.95/month when you select only the main system
Payment options$29.95 – $39.95/monthMain System: $49.95/month.
One Add-on Device: $69.95/month.
Two Add-on Devices: $89.95/month.
Equipment feeFreedom 2.0: $174.95.
Mini Guardian: $149.95.
Mobile 2.0: $124.95.
Home 2.0: $124.95.
Installation feeN/A$197

Members of Medical Guardian pay between $29.95 and $39.95 per month, while Life Alert costs between $20 and $50 per month, plus an additional $197 installation fee.

Free Month of Service.
Free Ground Shipping.
Free Lockbox.
Life Alert no deal active
Non-equipment fee.
It is a reputable brand.

Medical Guardian and Life Alert are two popular medical alert companies. They protect thousands of older people and soothe the fears of their loved ones with one-button aid. Medical Guardian or Life Alert? Medical Guardian vs Life Alert: Which is better? WhichChoose hopes you have already found the suitable one for you after reading this blog.


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  • [2] Stephen Agboola, Sara Golas, Nils Fischer, et al. (2017). Healthcare utilization in older patients using personal emergency response systems: an analysis of electronic health records and medical alert data. BMC Health Serv Res. 2017; 17: 282. Published online 2017 Apr 18. doi: 10.1186/s12913-017-2196-1.
Medical Guardian Vs Life Alert: Which One Is Better?
Medical Guardian Vs Life Alert: Which One Is Better?
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