SaleHoo Reviews: Is It Worth It?

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If you’re looking for a platform that provides fabulous resources of suppliers to kickstart your commerce business on Amazon or eBay, you should read our SaleHoo reviews. This platform covers a substantial database of over 2.5 million products, with even more reliable suppliers coming online daily and satisfying customer service, making finding the right item easy. But there are various top directories today, so is it the best? WhichChoose will give you the answer in this review article. Keep reading.

salehoo reviews
Salehoo review

What Is SaleHoo?

Product Info
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Get started with just $67 per year or $127 for lifetime access
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Product Info
Creators: Simon Slade & Mark LingYear
Established: 2005 (New Zealand)
Commerce Business: Dropshipping/Online Retailing
Key Benefits
SaleHoo Product & Supplier Directory
SaleHoo Dropship Automation Shopify Tool
SaleHoo Education Centre
Great Customer Support

SaleHoo is a drop shipping intermediary that connects drop-shippers with over 2.5 million products and 8,000 suppliers. This product was created by Simon and Mark in 2005 and has been considered one of the top solutions for online sellers.

Its philosophy is “Less time researching. More time growing your online stores.” That’s because it allows you to find suppliers worldwide at the fastest pace possible with 24/7 professional customer service. Thanks to it, you’ll have more time to focus on promoting your products to sell on eBay or Amazon (where you sell your products is important and up to your option).

Additionally, the site’s function is developed for small and medium businesses and dropshippers who are building their own eCommerce stores. If you have just stepped into this business and want to build companies, you can try SaleHoo.

Why? SaleHoo is more than just a directory that offers you a huge global network of both retail and wholesale suppliers. It is also a well-developed training center that delivers learning resources about drop shipping. You’ll find some valuable tips here if you are an amateur or experienced drop-shipper.


How does SaleHoo Work?

How Does It Work?

SaleHoo provides you with access to its one-stop platform, where you will employ primary stages in their drop-shipping process. It usually covers finding reliable dropshipping suppliers, choose your favorite products to sell, contacting your suppliers once an order needs handling, and tracking the order. Whenever there are any issues, you can contact customer service for an instant explanation and support.

Additionally, there are two different ways of ordering: bulk purchase and retail purchase. This SaleHoo review will explain the difference between them right here.

  • Bulk buying for the wholesaler: This way allows sellers to order products from wholesale suppliers. However, they must handle and ship the goods themselves. This method is pretty cumbersome; that’s why most sellers opt for the other way which we’ll discuss below.
  • Retail buying (dropshipping): This method is more manageable and hassle-free. Sellers will be a “bridge” between the customers and the suppliers. Whenever a customer wants to purchase a product, they know it first. Then, they reach out to the supplier to place that order, and the item will be delivered straight to that customer. As you can see, with dropshipping, suppliers do all the handling and shipping for you as a seller.
How does SaleHoo Works?
How SaleHoo Works

What’s Inside SaleHoo?

What’s Inside SaleHoo?

You might wonder what this platform offers to be worthy for you as a newbie. So, here is the answer.

Once you have valid access to this platform, it gives you a wholesale Supplier Directory, a SaleHoo Research Lab to research products from eCommerce sites like Amazon, Dropshipping Guide, a Shopify tool, and a great community of share business tips amongst like-minded people.

These resources require a fee to be separately used. But what does each of them exactly offer? We are breaking them down in more detail below.


SaleHoo Directory

SaleHoo gives you a curated list of retail and wholesale suppliers and trending products to launch on Amazon or eBay, so you don’t have to search for them like you always did. The task is even getting easier because you can narrow down a lot of search results based on your preference.

Specifically, you filter the search results by the type of suppliers like drop-shippers, manufacturers, wholesalers, or liquidators. Or, you can do it simultaneously by location, worldwide shipping, tax ID, categories, and min/max order. Its customer service team always stands by to aid your actions.


SaleHoo Labs

The SaleHoo Research Lab is one feature that any review of SaleHoo cannot overlook. The best. It is powerful because it helps you find the right products for your niche and budget. These products are perfect to sell on big sites like Amazon, Etsy, or eBay.

You simply adjust the search filter by product type, sell rate, competition, and the average price to see the desired results. Once you have discovered your favorite products, you have all the right to sell them anywhere you want.


SaleHoo Training Guide

For newcomers, this offering from SaleHoo may be the most precious thing. Its training course covers 10 learning sections that walk you through every step of the way to make money from dropshipping. If you’re a novice to being a seller on Amazon and other similar sites, this training is for you as well and it’s easy to understand.

The training guide especially emphasizes how to start a dropshipping business. It pinpoints exactly how to do commerce business registration, tax laws, notes for importing from foreign countries, and so forth.

You will also learn to run the business with different types of popular products on the market today. They include DVDs, apparel, print-on-demand items, games, electronics, etc. If you can’t find any product that meets your taste there, you can have a live chat with Sale Hoo’s customer service member.


SaleHoo Community

Starting any business field, you should not let yourself lack social connections with like-minded people. They are those who may help you achieve great outcomes faster than any books and training program. That is simply because they are already experts and their advice results from years of hard work on huge sites such as Amazon and eBay.

That’s why SaleHoo provides you with an active forum with daily posts. Although you might be overwhelmed by the chaos of topics, you will soon find your favorite experts there. Otherwise, you can ask the platform’s customer service staff via live chat for any help; the team is full of people with solid experience and great knowledge in dropshipping.


SaleHoo Dropship

SaleHoo Dropship helps Shopify store owners ease the game and level up profits. More specifically, it allows them to

  • Discover low-cost dropshipping suppliers of high quality,
  • Import profitable products in terms of profit margins, prices, and sale potential with a single click,
  • Set their own decision on product pricing and shipment.
  • Tracks performance with its monthly sales reports.

With it, you no longer have to spend a lot of time scrolling up and down finding potential products and suppliers. The software is built by innovative algorithms to calculate profit margins and fulfill your Shopify inventory daily with high profit-converting items.


The Pros And Cons Of SaleHoo

Pros & Cons

This SaleHoo review will go into the pros and cons to clarify general details about this dropshipping platform. Check out if its benefits outweigh the cons here.

  • Wide range of fantastic brands (Adidas, Lego, Disney, Sony, etc.)
  • Pre-vetted suppliers
  • Training materials in videos for everyone
  • No hidden fees
  • Great market research
  • Customer support with decent opening hours for new sellers
  • Automation tool for Shopify dropship
  • Helpful filter for more accurate search results
  • Exclusive insider deals
  • A community to share experience
  • Valuable insights into product trends
  • It charges a selling fee that may not be great for your profits
  • It’s hard to sell the products on your own website since others brand them
  • The number of products on SaleHoo may not satisfy you

How Much Is SaleHoo?

SaleHoo $67 per year, or $127 for one-time payment
8000 worldwide suppliers
Over 2.5 million products
Automation tool for Shopify drop shippers
Training program
Refund within 60 days

The price for SaleHoo varies based on what type of membership you want to go for. It costs you $67 for 12 months of full access to all features and tools and just $127 for life access. The latter is more beneficial for the members if they plan to make a living with dropshipping in the long run.

Nevertheless, we highly recommend you buy the $67 membership for the first year to ensure you don’t waste money on something turning out not suitable for you. Also, rest assured that all members can get a 60-day money-back guarantee and full customer service support.


Is SaleHoo Legitimate?

Is SaleHoo Legit?

SaleHoo is entirely legit, and it has worked for over 17 years in dropshipping. It brings online retailers a great solution to approach trustworthy suppliers and potential products on the market, especially the marketplaces like Amazon or eBay.

Moreover, this industry is highly competitive today because everyone just wants to earn money online after the pandemic. For that reason, if you don’t leverage any tools or helpful platforms to make your work process faster and easier, you’re a lot more likely to fail.

Additionally, for newcomers to dropshipping, is Salehoo recommended? Yes. SaleHoo is worth every penny for beginners! With such an education area, it is a one-stop platform to join, learn, and grow your online business. It’s recommended for long-term entrepreneurs as well.


Salehoo Reviews By Real Customers

Customers Review
Salehoo Reviews By Real Customers
Salehoo Reviews By Real Customers

Now, let’s have a look at these genuine reviews on SaleHoo from real users.

5Expert Score
Nabeel Abid on Trustpilot

Karen assisted me when I asked for subscription information. She was very helpful to me. She sent me a link with detailed instructions on how Salehoo invests and reinvests in sourcing premium suppliers for us and how it invests in its own website. Despite the fact that I am not receiving an installment plan for my subscription, she stated that Salehoo does not offer installment plans and that she cannot assist me in this matter. I am not mad. Finally, I decided to save first and then pay for a subscription.

5Expert Score
Haydee Lorenzo on Trustpilot

Based on my experience with the Salehoo platform over the last two weeks, I can say that all of my questions have been answered. I’d like to thank Rhea and Joe.

5Expert Score
Anthony Roberto on Trustpilot

I recently subscribed to SaleHoo, a dropshipping software from New Zealand, and I knew it was a good service, but not that great. SaleHoo provides a great opportunity to develop and expand an existing business or to start one from scratch. The regular mailings with handy information and offers astound me. They also provide great support compared to other similar software like Worldwide Brands. Via the live chat, I got all questions answered fast and clearly.

4Expert Score
Keny on Trustpilot

I can’t say much because I’m still lost on this website, and everything is in English, which makes it more difficult for me. I’m a beginner at dropshipping and find it challenging to get started. 

Having researched a lot of SaleHoo reviews, we can confidently say that it is a good investment. For what it does, SaleHoo is a great source of worldwide suppliers and products, whether you’re just starting out or have run a company as a wholesaler or retailer for decades. It makes the world of e-commerce more accessible, and it offers an easy way to be an Amazon seller and drop shipper. WhichChoose can’t say how much you’ll earn with the site because a lot of other factors will play into success. But at least you won’t be recklessly diving into a new market headfirst thanks to this software.

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