Zipfizz Vs Liquid IV: Which Is For You?

Zipfizz vs Liquid IV key takeaway: Liquid IV emphasizes its excellent blend of electrolytes and vitamins, while Zipfizz is about sugar-free hydration drinks with a high potency of caffeine. We recommend Liquid IV for how well it hydrates us and the single-minded customer support!

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If you wish for an unlock to your body’s natural energy with hydration drink mixes, you must read this blog. That’s because WhichChoose will compare Zipfizz vs Liquid IV with each other to recognize which is more beneficial. Yes. Both are excellent solutions for dehydration and bodies of low energy. But we believe there must be something that makes Liquid IV the leading electrolyte supplement though it appeared nine years later than Zipfizz. Let’s get started!

Zipfizz Vs Liquid IV
Zipfizz Vs Liquid IV

Liquid IV Vs Zipfizz: Overview

highlight features
health benefits
Liquid IV
Liquid IV
Up to 10% OFF
Check Prices
highlight features
Hydration drink mix
Rich in sodium, potassium, and essential vitamins
Powered by Cellular Transport Technology
Packed in packets
health benefits
Hydrates our bodies faster than water alone
Gives us a boost of natural energy
Improves immune functions
Supports muscle recovery
No current deals
Check Prices
highlight features
Sugar-free hydration mixes
High in caffeine
Longstanding brand on the market
Packed in tubes with lids
health benefits
Boosts energy and focus
Maintains nervous system health

1.1 Liquid IV

Liquid IV is a US-based electrolyte drink mix company (since 2012) that claims to hydrate your body effectively with its products. It produces great-tasting powdered hydration supplements in small packets containing essential electrolytes, vitamins, and other nutrients.

With the Cellular Transport Technology (CTT) Liquid IV first introduced to the public years ago, its products can send hydration and vital nutrients faster to your bloodstream. In addition, the brand’s official website states that its hydration mixes can help you absorb hydration three times faster than water alone.

The products target a wide range of users around the world. Primarily, its formulation aims at rehydrating patients with severe dehydration. How can it do it? You’ll soon know the answer when we dive into the Liquid IV’s nutrition facts later.

Below are some feature products from Liquid IV.

Non-GMO electrolyte drink mix.
One stick has 3x the electrolytes and five vitamins of standard sports drinks.
Rehydrate and recharge your batteries.
Stay away from hangovers and associated effects.
Avoid anxiety and tension.
Energy Multiplier Up to 10% OFF
A wonderful replacement for coffee.
Help you stay hydrated and receive a caffeine-based energy boost.
It’s made with guayusa, ginger, and matcha.
It is an energy drink combination that contains no GMOs.
Immune Support Up to 10% OFF
A non-GMO, cutting-edge blend of Vitamin C, Zinc, and Wellmune.
Maintain and fortify the immune system.
Probiotic Kombucha Up to 10% OFF
2x faster hydration than water alone.
Convenient, on-the-go digestive support.
Beneficial bacteria fermented drink.
This product has lactobacilli.
It destroys germs and yeast.
Sleep Multiplier Up to 10% OFF
Non-GMO bedtime drink mix.
Melatonin, L-Theanine, and Valerian root help you sleep faster.

1.2 Zipfizz

Zipfizz is another US-based healthy energy drink company that provides sugar-free hydration mixes and energy supplements. The brand was founded in 2003 and took pride in its formulation of complete vitamins with 14 flavors. Zipfzz differs from most of its alternatives in how its products are packed in plastic tubes with lids, not packets.

This brand targets four different types of people: athletes, workers, students, and parents. Yes. You don’t have to be a high-performing athlete to use Zipfizz hydration drinks. However, it contains a high amount of caffeine you may want to consider before trying (we will talk about it later).

Below are two feature hydration powders from Zipfizz.

Zipfizz Immune Health no current deals
Improves immunity
11 vitamins and 8 minerals
Caffeine-free, sugar-free
Zipfizz Energy Shot NO CURRENT DEALS
Ready-to-gulp energy drinks
120 mg of caffeine
Boosts your energy
Zipfizz Drink Mix NO CURRENT DEALS
Vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and herbs
20 calories and 3 net carbs
Sugar-free, gluten-free

Zipfizz Vs Liquid IV: Ingredients


2.1 Liquid IV

The feature ingredients in Liquid IV are sodium, potassium, vitamin C, and several essential B vitamins. All components are necessary for our bodies to function normally and healthily.

  • Sodium (500mg) is an electrolyte that helps put the fluid in our bodies into balance. It also sends nerve impulses and supports muscle recovery. Also, a study in 2001 shows that a reduction in dietary sodium can cause unwanted effects on blood pressure [1].
  • Potassium (370) is one of the most critical minerals needed to gain the same benefits as sodium. Lack of potassium can cause kidney stones, water retention, or stroke.
  • Vitamin C is an antioxidant that protects our systems from infections [2], harmful bacteria, free radicals, and various diseases.
  • Vitamin B5 promotes carbohydrate and fat breakdown for energy. Besides, it can make red blood cells and prohibit cancer properties.
  • Vitamin B6 can improve our immune functions and fight against inflammation. In a study in 2010, vitamin B6 was proven to be associated with metabolic, developmental, and physiological processes.
  • Vitamin B12 confers many health benefits as a micronutrient. A study shows that B12 can treat pain [3] while supporting the regeneration of nerves.
  • Vitamin B3, known as Niacin, is a vitamin with anti-inflammatory functions. A study in 2017 shows the importance of Niacin in preventing most cardiovascular events [4].
  • Other ingredients: Citric Acid, Dipotassium Phosphate, Dextrose, Stevia leaf extract, Silicon Dioxide, and natural flavors.

2.2 Zipfizz

The formula of Zipfizz is geared toward increasing energy levels, so besides electrolytes, there are other critical substances as follows.

  • Caffeine Anhydrous (100mg) is the main ingredient in Zipfizz that is sourced from guarana extract and green tea. It stimulates the central nervous system, improves focus, and gives you an instant energy boost. Caffeine can speed up our metabolism and therefore kickstart the fat-burning mechanism. However, the FDA recommends that the daily caffeine intake should not exceed 400mg. So 10mg in Zipfizz will be safe for human consumption.
  • Grape Seed Extract can benefit our health in various ways. It is rich in antioxidant properties that prevent us from obesity [5], treat vascular problems, modulate blood pressure [6], and reduce oxidative stress [7].
  • Alpha-Lipoic Acid is a potent antioxidant for battling against diabetes and weight gain.
  • Vitamin B12 is highly focused on Zipfizz products. As earlier mentioned, as an ingredient in Liquid IV as well, B12 provides us with various health benefits regarding both physical and mental well-being.
  • Other ingredients: Vitamins C & E, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamins B6 & B5, Folate, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Manganese, Chromium, Sodium (70mg), Potassium (950mg), and Botanical Antioxidant Blend.

Both brands provide good ingredients to unleash our body’s daily energy and enhance our overall health. With regular use of Zipfizz, you can expect to drop some weight due to its noteworthy potency of natural caffeine. Meanwhile, Liquid IV’s ingredients genuinely support the brand’s mission — to hydrate or rehydrate users with powerful electrolytes and essential vitamins.

Zipfizz Vs Liquid IV: Ingredients
Zipfizz Vs Liquid IV: Ingredients

Liquid IV Vs Zipfizz: Pro And Cons

Pros & Cons
Liquid IV
Liquid IV
Up to 10% OFF
Check Prices
High in electrolytes that keep our bodies hydrated
Comes with essential vitamins, especially vitamin C
Can boost energy levels with less caffeine
Available in different flavors
60-day money-back guarantee plus site-wide free shipping
The brand gives back to the community for every purchase you make.
Liquid IV’s customer support is only active on its official website.
There is added sugar in the hydration drink mix.
No current deals
Check Prices
Long-standing brand on the market
Zero added sugar
Provides a strong boost of vitamin B12
Available in different flavors
Comes in beautiful, well-designed tubes with lids.
100mg of caffeine might be a struggle for many users.
Not really focused on electrolytes
Tubes are not convenient than packets.
No free shipping

From the pros and cons, you can see that Liquid IV outweighs Zipfizz strongly. Despite bolding its name for two decades in the energy drinks industry, Zipfizz cannot do several important things Liquid IV has been always done. It’s about the shipping costs, the amounts of electrolytes, and the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). For those factors, now you have seen how Liquid IV has the users’ hearts even though it was born later than most competitor brands, including Zipfizz.


Zipfizz Vs Liquid IV: Side Effects

Side Effects

4.1 Liquid IV

Liquid IV recommends that healthy adults and over-14-year-olds take only one serving per day. It’s indeed the safe consumption for 12 fluid oz of any hydration mix. In case you are allergic to any of its ingredients, you should seek medical advice while discontinuing using the product.

According to our research, novice users may experience some minor side effects (listed below), although they are quite rare.

  • Dizziness
  • Seizures
  • High blood pressure
  • Muscle twitching

4.2 Zipfizz

As for the high amount of caffeine in Zipfizz, you may experience some side effects like nervousness or jitteriness. If you are new to this product, there’s also a chance of vomiting, nausea, or headaches. However, these side effects are not worth worrying about because they are the signals from your body while adapting to new input.

Zipfizz Vs Liquid IV: Side Effects
Zipfizz Vs Liquid IV: Side Effects

Liquid IV Vs Zipfizz: Pricing


5.1 Liquid IV

A Liquid IV Hydration Mix bag costs $24.99 for 16 sticks, which means around $1.5 per stick. When you order from the official website, you’ll get a 60-day money-back guarantee plus free shipping.

Liquid IV up to 10% Off
Electrolytes, vitamins B & C, and minerals
Categorized by a health benefit
60-day money-back guarantee

5.2 Zipfizz

Zipfizz Drink Mix is priced at $44.99 for a combo pack of 30 tubes, meaning around $1.5 per tube. So there is nothing to compare Zipfizz to Liquid IV regarding pricing. However, note that a Liquid IV stick serves 12 fluid oz while a Zipfizz tube serves 11.64 fluid oz.

Zipfizz no current deals
High in caffeine to boost focus
Loaded with antioxidants
Sugar-free products

So, which option is better in this Zipfizz vs Liquid IV comparison? The direct answer is Liquid IV. Its ingredients might not impress you because each drink mix lives up to a unique formula, which is excellent. However, we appreciate the high potency of electrolytes in Liquid IV, especially the amount of Sodium at 500mg.

Also, how it supports the customers when they are unsatisfied with the products and its policy for no shipping costs are big pluses. Besides, we must admit that Zipfizz drink mixes pique our interest, for its free of sugar.

All in all, both products are worth trying out. Whatever you buy, there are a lot of flavors to pick from. Also, both of them taste great. But as a wise online purchaser, whenever there is a chance you can get high-quality orders that simultaneously save you money, go for it. We recommend Liquid IV not only for its benefits but also because it is rated 4.5 out of five stars by worldwide customers. WhichChoose hopes you find this comparison based on Zipfizz vs Liquid IV helpful!

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Zipfizz Vs Liquid IV: Which Is For You?
Zipfizz Vs Liquid IV: Which Is For You?
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